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About the K-12 Practitioners' Circle

The K-12 Practitioners' Circle packages and disseminates statistical information on education specifically for local education practitioners, including K-12 teachers, administrators, librarians, parents and students. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. To get in touch with us, select 'Contact' in the navigation footer on any page and then choose a topic area from the drop-down menu.

About this site

This site provides education practitioners with links and information tailored to their particular areas of interest. NCES produces a wide array of reports with a broad range of statistical information on education in the U.S. Perhaps more importantly, NCES also develops many web-based tools that make finding and using data easy. This site provides easy access to these and other NCES and IES education resources and to others developed by the U.S. Department of Education.

This site tailors information to various K-12 Practitioner audiences, including:

  • Administrators - Use this information to help you target useful resources for your students, teachers, faculty and other staff. You'll find information covering just about every aspect of education.
  • Teachers - Whether you're interested in new teaching tools or looking for information about the students of today, you will discover that this site has many items you can use to enrich your teaching. Plus, you might find a little fun along the way.
  • Parents/Students - Take an active role in your child's education. Resources included here will help you identify ways you can be a part of your child's learning experience.
  • Librarians - Ensure that your library has the most current national education information available by reviewing the latest studies and publications offered by NCES. Discover the education resources and reference tools available from NCES.