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Access IPEDS data submitted to NCES through our data tools or download the data to conduct your research

Data Explorer

Search for tables, charts, publications, or other products related to postsecondary education by keywords and filters.

IPEDS Survey Components

Learn more about the individual IPEDS survey components: view training videos, infographics, answers to frequently asked questions, survey forms, and more.

Click here to go to Data Trends
Data Trends

Use the Trend Generator to view trends on most frequently asked subject areas including: Enrollment, Completions, Graduation Rates, Employees and Staff, Institutional Revenues, and Financial Aid.

Click here to go to Look Up an Institution
Look Up an Institution

Look up information for one institution at a time. Data can be viewed in two forms: institution profile (similar to College Navigator) and reported data (institution's response to each survey question).

Click here to go to Data Feedback Report
Data Feedback Report

Download, print, or customize an institution's Data Feedback Report, a report that graphically summarizes selected institutional data and compares the data with peer institutions.

Click here to go to Statistical Tables
Statistical Tables

Create simple descriptive statistics (e.g., total, count, average, median, standard deviation, percentiles) on selected IPEDS institutions and variables.

Click here to go to Summary Tables
Summary Tables

Customize a summary table for a select subgroup of institutions on the following popular topics: tuition and fees, room and board, student financial aid, admissions, test scores, student enrollment, degree/certificate awarded, and graduation rates.

Click here to go to Compare Institutions
Compare Institutions

Download IPEDS data files for more than 7,000 institutions and up to 250 variables. Data files are provided in comma separated value (*.csv) format.

Survey Data
Survey Data

Data are available starting with the 1980-81 collection year for the Complete data files and Custom data files functions, which zip the data into comma separated value (*csv). Beginning with the 2004-05 collection year, data for each collection year are compiled into an Access database.

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Publications and Products

Review publications using IPEDS data including First Looks, Web Tables, methodology reports, and Digest Tables.