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Nutrition Education in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
NCES: 96852
July 1996

Appendix D—U.S. Public Law 103-448

U.S. Public Law 103-448. 103d Cong., 2 Nov. 1994. Child Nutrition Act of 1966

Section 19(a)

"Congress finds that -- (1) the proper nutrition of the Nation's children is a matter of highest priority; (2) the lack of understanding of the principles of good nutrition and their relationship to health can contribute to a child's rejection of highly nutritious foods and consequent plate waste in school food service operations; (3) many school food service personnel have not had adequate training in food service management skills and principles, and many teacher and school food service operators have not had adequate training in the fundamentals of nutrition or how to convey this information so as to motivate children to practice sound eating habits; (4) parents exert a significant influence on children in the development of nutritional habits and lack of nutritional knowledge on the part of parents can have detrimental effects on children's nutritional development; and (5) there is a need to create opportunities for children to learn about the importance of the principles of good nutrition in their daily lives and how these principles are applied in the school cafeteria."