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School Locations & Geoassignments

NCES relies on information about school location to help construct school-based surveys, support program administration, identify associations with other types of geographic entities, and to help investigate the social and spatial context of education. EDGE creates and assigns address geocodes (estimated latitude/latitude values) and other geographic indicators to public schools, public local education agencies, private schools, and postsecondary schools. The geographic data are provided as shapefiles and geodatabases, and basic attribute data are available as Excel and SAS tables.

icon of us map in pointsPublic Schools & School Districts

Geocodes for public schools and school district administrative offices are based on data reported in the NCES Common Core of Data (CCD), an annual collection of administrative data about enrollment, staffing, and program participation for schools, local education agencies (LEAs), and state education agencies (SEAs). SEAs report these data to the U.S. Department of Education in a series of file submissions throughout the year. Additional information about the CCD collection and data resources for public schools is available at

School Data

2016–17 School Data (30.3 MB)

2015–16 School Data (31.1 MB)

Agency Data

2016–17 Agency Data (7.5 MB)

2015–16 Agency Data (6.5 MB)

icon of a schoolPrivate Schools

Geocodes for private schools are based on data collected by the NCES Private School Survey (PSS). The PSS is a biennial collection of private elementary and secondary schools that provides data related to enrollment, staffing, type of program, and other basic administrative features. Additional information about the PSS collection and data resources for private schools is available at


icon cap and diplomaPostsecondary Schools

Geocodes for postsecondary schools are based on data collected by the NCES Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), an annual survey of institutional characteristics about colleges and universities. Additional information about the IPEDS collection and data resources for postsecondary schools is available at

2016–17 School Data (2.75 MB)

2015–16 School Data (4 MB)