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CIP 2020

Detail for CIP Code 51.2706

Title: Medical Informatics.

Definition: A program that focuses on the application of computer science and software engineering to medical research and clinical information technology support, and the development of advanced imaging, database, and decision systems. Includes instruction in computer science, health information systems architecture, medical knowledge structures, medical language and image processing, quantitative medical decision modeling, imaging techniques, electronic medical records, medical research systems, clinical decision support, and informatics aspects of specific research and practice problems. See also: 11.0104) Informatics., 26.1103) Bioinformatics.

Action: No Substantive Changes

CIP Title or Definition Changed
CIP 2010 CIP 2020
Code Title Action Code Title
51.2706 Medical Informatics. No substantive changes 51.2706 Medical Informatics.
Illustrative Examples
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  • [Health Informatics]
  • [Dental Informatics]
  • [Nursing Informatics]