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CSSC Courses/Course Codes


CSSC Code Title Alternate Titles Description
Main Category Sub-Category Course
47     MECHANICS AND REPAIRERS   A summary of groups of instructional programs that prepare individuals in the adjustment, maintenance, part replacement, and repair of tools, equipment; and machines
  01   ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS EQUIPMENT REPAIR   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to operate, maintain, and repair business machines, communications equipment, major and small appliances, commercial vending machines, and related equipment. Includes instruction in electrical circuitry, simple gearing, linkages and lubrication of machines and appliances, and the use of testing equipment
    11 Small Appliance Repair   small electrical appliances; thermostats; testing techniques; safety precautions
    21 Radio and TV Repair 1 Television Repair; Electronic Servicing radio transmitters; television sets; transistor circuitry; test equipment; schematic diagrams; use of repair manuals
    22 Radio and TV Repair 2   in-depth study; audio and video systems
    23 Radio and TV Repair 3   continued in-depth study; audio and video systems
    24 Telecommunications Technician   installation and repair of telecommunications equipment, including telephones, 2-way radio, citizen's band radio and cellular mobile equipment
    31 Appliance Repair 1 Major Appliance Repair electrical circuitry; gears, linkages, relays, time switches; pumps and agitators; test equipment; service manuals
    32 Appliance Repair 2 Appliance Repair, Advanced large appliance servicing; refrigeration systems; troubleshooting
    41 Vending Machine Repair   vending machine installation and repair; coin systems; refrigeration, carbonation, and evaporation systems; panel repairs
    51 Business Machine Repair Office Machine Repair office machine repair; data processing equipment; duplicating machines; digital control instruments
    61 Industrial Electricity   wiring apparatus installation and repair; industrial machines; motors; generators; control systems
    71 Industrial Electronics   electronic equipment maintenance and repair; industrial and manufacturing applications; digital and computer circuitry
    81 Food Processing Machine Maintenance Technician/Repair   installation and repair of food processing equipment
    00 Electrical and Electronics Equipment Repair, Other    
  02   HEATING, AIR CONDITIONING, AND REFRIGERATION MECHANICS   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to install, repair, and maintain the operating condition of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems
    11 Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning cooling, heating, filtering, humidity control; technical manual use; diagnosis of malfunctions
    12 Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating, Advanced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 2 electrical diagrams; protective devices; thermostats; equipment installation
    13 Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating 3    
    00 Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics, Other    
  03   INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to operate, maintain, and repair heavy-duty equipment such as bulldozers cranes, graders, tractors, trailers, concrete mixers, crawle mounted shovels, draglines, and compressors
    11 Industrial Mechanics 1 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 2 gas and diesel engine repair; transmissions; hydraulic units; steering systems
    12 Industrial Mechanics 2   advanced experience; heavy equipment; vehicle maintenance; mechanical repair
    21 Diesel Mechanics   heavy equipment; industrial vehicles; engine diagnosis and repair; fuel systems; oil and water pumps; electrical systems
    31 Industrial Maintenance Mechanics 1   repair and maintenance of non-vehicular industrial equipment
    32 Industrial Maintenance Mechanics 2    
    41 Petroleum Drilling Equipment Operation and Maintenance 1    
    42 Petroleum Drilling Equipment Operation and Maintenance 2   oil pumps and auxiliary equipment; gauges, thermometers and regulators; geology; rigs, hoist cables, drilling equipment
    43 Petroleum Drilling Equipment Operation and Maintenance 3    
    00 Industrial Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Other    
  04   MISCELLANEOUS MECHANICS AND REPAIRERS   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals for mechanic and repairer occupations other than those described under the headings of electrical and electronics equipment repair; heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics; industrial equipment maintenance and repair; stationary energy sources; and vehicle and mobile equipment mechanics and repai
    11 Musical Instrument Repair   acoustic instruments; electrical musical instruments; amplification systems; tuning
    21 Instrument Maintenance and Repair   electromechanical instruments; hydraulic instruments; measuring devices; control devices; maintenance and repair
    31 Shoe Repair and Orthopedics 1   repair and maintenance of shoes; designing orthopedic devices; operation of a shoe repair business
    32 Shoe Repair and Orthopedics 2    
    33 Watch and Clock Repair   cleaning, repair, and maintenance of watches and clocks; weight-operated, spring-driven, digital, and quartz
    34 Bicycle Repair   repair and maintenance of bicycles; frames and components; racing, touring, family, mountain, freestyle, and exercise
    00 Miscellaneous Mechanics and Repairers, Other    
  05   STATIONARY ENERGY SOURCES   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to install, operate, and maintain large power sources for such purposes as generating electricity, pumping, and heating
    11 Power Mechanics 1 Power Conversion 1; Power Technology 1; Energy and Transportation 1 power resources; gasoline engines; batteries; generators; solar cells; steam turbines
    12 Power Mechanics 2 Power Technology 2; Energy and Transportation 2 skills enhancement; cooling systems; braking systems; fuel systems; motorized sports equipment; fork lifts
    13 Power Mechanics 3   advanced course; power systems
    14 Power Mechanics 4   advanced course; power systems
    21 Hydraulics and Pneumatics   operation and repair; pumps; reservoirs; valves; cylinders; heat exchangers
    00 Stationary Energy Sources, Other    
  06   VEHICLE AND MOBILE EQUIPMENT MECHANICS AND REPAIRERS   A group of instructional programs that prepare individuals to maintain and repair aircraft; automobiles; diesel engines in vehicles such as buses, ships, trucks, railroad locomotives, and construction equipment; stationary diesel engines in electrical generators; and small engines in mobile equipment such as lawnmowers and rotary tillers
    11 Small Engine Repair 1 Small Engine Maintenance; Mechanics Trades; Small Gas Engines; Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicle Repair four-cycle engines; two-cycle engines; lawnmowers; snowmobiles; operation of lathes, grinders, boring and honing machines; engine overhaul
    12 Small Engine Repair 2 Mechanics Trades, Advanced engine related systems; electronic systems repair; business procedures; customer relations
    21 Auto Mechanics 1 Auto Repair; Auto Engines; Vehicle Power automobile repair; hand tools; power equipment; test equipment
    22 Auto Mechanics 2 Automotive Technology; Auto Tune-up complete engine tune-up; fuel systems; electronic test equipment; auto air conditioning
    23 Auto Mechanics 3 Auto Mechanics, Advanced advanced study; special projects; automotive mechanics
    24 Auto Mechanics - Cooperative Education 1    
    25 Auto Mechanics - Cooperative Education 2    
    31 Auto Body 1 Auto Body and Fender; Auto Body Repair; Body and Fender body repair; fender repair; metal strengthening; use of grinders, pulling devices, welding equipment, spray equipment
    32 Auto Body 2 Auto Body Repair, Advanced body construction; front-end alignment; collision damage; estimates; shop management; color coating
    33 Auto Body 3    
    41 Auto Service 1 Auto Maintenance automobile maintenance; automobile servicing; service station attendant training; tire service; emergency road equipment; state inspection codes
    42 Auto Service 2   continued study; automobile servicing
    51 Consumer Auto Auto Owner Maintenance personal auto maintenance; oil change; tire maintenance; tool use
    61 Airframes 1   aviation airframes mechanic; airframe service and inspection; landing gears; hydraulic and pneumatic power; cabin and atmosphere control; fire protection
    62 Airframes 2   advanced course; aviation airframes mechanic; license preparation
    71 Aviation Powerplant 1   aviation powerplant mechanic; electrical system lubrication; fuel metering; cooling and exhaust; propellers
    72 Aviation Powerplant 2   advanced course; aviation powerplant mechanic; license preparation
    73 Aviation Powerplant 3    
    74 Aviation Powerplant 4    
    81 Aviation Quality Control 1   quality control; dimensional metrology
    82 Aviation Quality Control 2   certificate preparation; quality control; nondestructive testing
    91 Aircraft Sheetmetal 1   aircraft sheetmetal mechanic
    92 Aircraft Sheetmetal 2   certificate preparation; aircraft sheetmetal mechanic
    00 Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Mechanics and Repairers, Other    
  99   MECHANICS AND REPAIRERS, OTHER   A group of instructional programs in mechanics and repairers not described above.
    00 Mechanics and Repairers, Other