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SIPP:2008, Wave 13

Q1. Do you (does s/he) have a professional certification or a state or industry license? [Yes; No] Help text: A professional certification or license shows you are qualified to perform a specific job and includes things like Licensed Realtor, Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Construction Manager, a Project Management Professional, or PMP certification, or an IT Certification.

Intro text: The next set of questions refers to your most recent certification or license.

Q2. Who awarded this certification or license? [Federal government; State government; Local government; Industry; Business, company, or non-profit organization; Professional association; Other.]

Q3. Did you [s/he] get this certification or license mainly for work-related reasons or mainly for personal interest? [Mainly work-related; Mainly personal interest]

Q4. What is the major subject or field of study for this certification or license? [Architecture and engineering; Computer networking and administration; Computer applications and design; Business/finance management; Administrative support; Nursing/nurse assisting; Other medical/health care; Cosmetology; Culinary arts; Protective services; Legal and social services; Education; Construction and manufacturing trades; Transportation and materials moving; Public utilities; Other]

Q5. Can this certification or license be used if you/she/he wanted to get a job with any employer in that field? [Yes; No] Help text: Certifications and licenses that are recognized state-wide should be recorded as "yes".

Q6. Is this certification or license required for your/his/her current or most recent job? [Yes; No; Not applicable (never worked)]

Q7. Did you/she/he take courses or training to earn the certification or license? [Yes; No]

Q8. Did you/she/he have to demonstrate skills while on-the-job or pass a test or examine to earn the certification or license? [Yes; No]

Q9. Do you/does s/he have to take periodic tests or continuing education classes or earn CEUs to maintain the certification or license? [Yes; No]