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Education in States and Nations: 1991

(ESN) Indicator 35: Note on teacher salaries

Notes on Figure and Tables


The only available data for Sweden were those in a monthly salary schedule. Therefore, salary information is likely to be underestimated, as it does not include data on pay supplements and overtime.

United States

Due to the presence in the District of Columbia workforce of many who reside in the suburbs outside the District, the gross product of the District is abnormally large relative to its residential population. It is the size of its residential population, however, that more directly determines education expenditure, such as that for teacher salaries.

Technical Note

Teacher salaries have been adjusted across countries and states so that they exclude social security, retirement, and health insurance contributions. However, the salary figures include teacher pay for non-instructional tasks, such as counseling, administration, or coaching. International data include bonuses and supplements generally received by most teachers. In the United States, primary and high school teachers are paid on the same schedule, but in other nations high school teachers are frequently paid more than primary school teachers.

With the exception of the federated countries (i.e., United States, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland), international salary data are based upon national salary schedules. The mid-career salary comparison is made at the 15th year (or as close to the 15th year as possible) on the national salary schedules. Movement on salary schedules varies across countries, with some showing greater flexibility of advancement than others. It is therefore impossible to match years of experience directly with steps on the salary schedule.

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