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16 States Win Grants For Longitudinal Data Systems

On September 17th, 2015, the Statewide Longitudinal Data System Grant Program made 16 new FY 2015 awards.

Applicants were able to apply for funds to carry out projects to address up to two of six priorities focusing on data use: 1) Financial Equity and Return on Investment (ROI), 2) Educator Talent Management, 3) Early Learning, 4) College and Career, 5) Evaluation and Research, and 6) Instructional Support.

The IES panel reviewed 43 applications for the grant round, 16 of which have now been awarded. These 16 include all six data use priority areas, and use nearly all of $108 million expected over 4 years to support the full costs of the grants. Approximately $27 million was available for obligation in FY 2015. Continuation grants will be awarded in subsequent years. The average FY 2015 award amount is $6.5 million.

The FY 2015 final slate includes American Samoa as a first-time grantee, and also includes Tennessee, which has not received funding since FY 2006.

With this grant round, the Technical Assistance (TA) focus will grow to include data use, including, for example, helping States develop models of data sharing, use, and training for educators, policy makers, and researchers. As States develop these models, our TA team shares the products and processes with other States, helping States learn about promising practices grounded in State-level experience. Technical Assistance, provided through the Education Data Technical Assistance Program (EDTAP) and the Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), has historically focused on data system foundations (for example, data governance, stakeholder engagement, sustainability, data linking, protecting student privacy, etc.). While TA support to develop and enhance these groundwork initiatives will continue to be provided, we are excited to expand in scope as much State focus matures to include data use. Complementary investments have and will continue to be made in providing technical assistance to all States, regardless of grant status.

Awardees and grant amounts are as follows:

  • American Samoa - $7,000,000
  • Hawaii - $6,642,010
  • Illinois - $7,000,000
  • Kentucky - $6,634,741
  • Maryland - $6,990,361
  • Massachusetts - $6,999,761
  • Minnesota - $6,992,025
  • Mississippi - $6,588,210
  • Montana - $3,483,163
  • North Dakota - $6,475,690
  • Pennsylvania - $6,999,928
  • Tennessee - $6,917,059
  • Texas - $6,972,522
  • Utah - $6,497,783
  • Washington - $6,992,452
  • Wisconsin - $5,242,866

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