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Online Codebook guides you through selecting a survey, population, and variables relevant to your analysis.

Select a Population

{{session.selectedVariables[0].SelectedCount + session.selectedVariables[0].RequiredCount}} Variables

{{session.selectedVariables[0].SelectedCount}} Selected {{session.selectedVariables[0].RequiredCount}} Automatically Included

Add 1 or more variables to start this syntax file.

Begin by adding 1 or more variables to create a syntax file.

A syntax file helps you to load data files into the statistical software of your choice by importing your selected variables.

Certain IDs and weights will be automatically added to your syntax if you select variables from the same file or section. These variables are shown...

Selected Variables

{{var.VariableCode}} {{var.QuestionNumber}} {{var.Label}}

{{session.variableList.variables[0].Section}} Search Results

{{session.variableList.variables[0].VariableCount}} Variables

Use at least one search selection above to explore this codebook.

Select variables of interest to create a syntax file for your preferred software. Download the dataset formatted for your preferred software.