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CIP 2010

Detail for CIP Code 01.0204

Title: Agricultural Power Machinery Operation.

Definition: A program that prepares individuals to operate specialized farm, ranch, and agribusiness power equipment of a stationary, mobile, and/or hand-operated nature. Includes instruction in operating specialized equipment such as terrestrial and airborne crop-spraying equipment; tractors and hauling equipment; planting and harvesting equipment; cutting equipment; power sources and systems for silos, irrigation, pumping, and applications such as dairy, feeding and shearing operations; processing equipment; and applicable electrical, mechanical, and safety principles.

Action: No Substantive Changes

CIP Title or Definition Changed
CIP 2000 CIP 2010
Code Title Action Code Title
01.0204 Agricultural Power Machinery Operation. No substantive changes 01.0204 Agricultural Power Machinery Operation.
Illustrative Examples
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