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NAEP Long-Term Trend Assessments

Results of the 2012 NAEP long-term trend assessments in reading and mathematics are available now.​​

Approximately 26,300 students took the reading assessment, while about 26,200 took the mathematics assessment. The last long-term trend assessments were administered in 2008. More


Exploring Re​sults

View the results of the 2012 long-term trend assessments.
Download a copy of the 2012 long-term trend Report Card​​
cover of the 2012 Long-Term Trend Report

Exploring NAEP Long-Term Trend

Bullet ​Read the results from the 2008 long-term trend assessment in NAEP 2008 Trends in Academic Progress .​​
Bullet ​Read the results from the 2004 long-term trend assessment in NAEP 2004​​ Trends in Academic Progress .​​
Bullet Read the results from the 1999 long-term trend assessment in NAEP 1999 Trends in Academic Progress .
Bullet Read the NAEP 1999 Long-Term Trend Technical Analysis Report .
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How the NAEP Long-Term Trend Assessment Works

Bullet Learn what the long-term trend assessment measures in mathematics and reading.
Bullet Learn how the long-term trend assessment was developed.
Bullet Learn who took the assessment and how it was administered.
Bullet Explore sample questions from the 2004 and 2008 assessments, and see how they were scored. No questions were released from the 2012 assessment.
Bullet Find out what students know and can do by reading about the long-term trend scales.
Bullet Find out what students know and can do by viewing long-term trend performance levels.
Bullet Learn about the differences between the long-term trend assessment and the main NAEP assessment.
Bullet Read more about how to interpret the results of the long-term trend assessment.

Using NAEP Data

Bullet Explore long-term trend data in the NAEP Data Explorer.
Bullet Long-term trend 2008 restricted-use data for mathematics and reading are available for licensed researchers;other NAEP microdata are also available.

Last updated 09 July 2013 (MS)
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