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Civics Assessment

The 2014 NAEP civics assessment is currently being administered throughout the nation to grade 8 students. Results of the 2010 NAEP assessment in civics are available now. Students at grades 4, 8, and 12 in more than 1,500 schools participated in the assessment that measured students' knowledge of civics and American government. Learn more ...


Exploring NAEP Civics

Look at publications about NAEP civics.See the NAEP schedule of assessments.

How the NAEP Civics Assessment Works

Learn what the assessment measures and how it was developed.Learn who took the assessment and how the assessment was administered.Explore sample questions from the assessment and see how they were scored.Find out what students know and can do by looking at the NAEP civics scale. Gain a greater understanding of the civics scale by exploring the 2010 civics item map.Find out what students should know and be able to do by viewing NAEP civics achievement levels.Find out how to interpret the results of the assessment.

Using NAEP Data

Explore NAEP civics assessment data in the NAEP Data Explorer.Civics 2006 restricted-use data are available for licensed researchers; other years and other NAEP microdata are also available.


Last updated 19 March 2014 (TO)
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