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Technology at Your Fingertips
Chapter 1: Knowing What to Do

Chapter 2: Knowing What You Need

Chapter 3: Knowing What You Have

Chapter 4: Knowing What to Get

Chapter 5: Knowing How to Implement Your Solution

How Do You Implement the Solution?

How Do You Assemble Your Implementation Team?

How Do You Develop a Project Plan?

What Do You Need to Do to Choose and Prepare a Site?

How Do You Make Sure Your System Works?

How Do You Convert From Old Information Systems?

How Do You Implement the Changeover of Information Systems?

How Do You Arrange for the System Handover?

Chapter 6: Knowing How to Train Users

Chapter 7: Knowing How to Support and Maintain Your Technology Solution
Chapter 5: Knowing How to Implement Your Solution

How Do You Implement the Changeover of Information Systems
Once the information has been converted, the new system may be physically ready for use. (User training is, of course, another prerequisite.) However, this transition involves much more than simply "flipping the switch." The changeover process requires careful management. It's generally a good idea to run the two systems in parallel for awhile, to ensure the new one performs as advertised. While this will involve extra work for both users and technical support-staff, the risk reduction and peace of mind it provides is usually worthwhile.

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