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Status and Trends in the Education of Racial and Ethnic Groups 2016

This report profiles current conditions and recent trends in the education of students by racial and ethnic group. » More info


NCES Releases Data Point Report Examining Undergraduates Who Didnít Apply for Financial Aid

This Data Point is based on data from the 2011–12 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS:12), a large, nationally representative sample survey of postsecondary students that includes data on the application for and receipt of financial aid. » More info


Trends in Reports of Bullying, Use of Hate-Related Words, and Other Unfavorable Conditions in the Nationís Schools

These three Data Points look at trends in bullying at school over time, both overall and by student gender, trends in student exposure to hate-related words at school over time, and reports of bullying at school and other unfavorable conditions at school. » More info


Persistence and Attainment among Postsecondary Subbaccalaureate Students

This Data Points looks at the 2004-to-2009 rate of persistence and attainment of postsecondary students who were seeking subbaccalaureate credentials in occupational fields of study. » More info

NCES Video Highlights

Adult SkillsThe Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) is a large-scale international study of adult skills and life experiences. Watch our new video to find out how the skills of U.S. adults compare with those of adults in other countries, and how skills vary within three important groups in the U.S. population: the unemployed, young adults, and older adults.

Watch Here

Data Snapshot

Problem Solving Skills of 15-year-olds, 2013The U.S. average score on PISA 2012 Problem Solving was 508, which was higher than the OECD-PS average of 500.

SOURCE: Key findings from PISA 2012 Problem Solving: United States

» More info

The Condition of Education

Condition of EducationBrowse key indicators on the condition of education in the United States at all levels, including prekindergarten, elementary and secondary, and postsecondary. The COE summarizes important developments and trends using the latest statistics, which are updated as data become available.

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