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Schedule and Plans

PIAAC 2012

September 2010–December 2010 Data collection for the U.S. PIAAC field test
August 2011–March 2012 Main Study Data Collection in the United States
October 2012–September 2013 Analysis and reporting
October 2013 First PIAAC release
  • OECD PIAAC International Report
  • U.S. PIAAC National Report
December 2013–April 2014 Follow-up PIAAC releases
  • PIAAC Technical Report: an authored report by OECD
  • U.S. National Technical Report
  • Data Explorer: A web-based analysis tool.
  • Public use data file
  • Restricted use data file

U.S. PIAAC National Supplement

September 2013–April 2014 PIAAC National Supplement Data Collection in the United States
January 2014–April 2014 Data Collection for the National Supplement’s Prison Study
August 2014–December 2015 Analysis and reporting
Early 2016 First PIAAC release
  • National Supplement General Audience Report
  • Survey Report
  • U.S. National Supplement Technical Report
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