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Closing your License

If your project is complete, your License is set to expire, or you are leaving the employment of your institution, you will need to close-out your License. You will need to submit a Close-out request online and mail all restricted-use data and all copies of restricted-use data, using a tracking number on your shipment (FedEx or certified U.S. mail), to:

IES Data Security Office
Department of Education/IES/NCES
1990 K. Street, NW, Room 9060
Washington, DC 20006-5574

Use the Electronic Application System to submit your Close-out request. To log onto the Electronic Application System, use the link you received when you first submitted your Formal Request. If you do not have this link, go to the system login page and log in using your License number and the PPO’s email address. If you have any problems logging into the system, please contact

Additionally, you will need to fill out and sign the Close-out Certification Form and include it with your shipment. Once we receive the data and your Close-out Certification Form, you will receive a "close-out approval" email for your records.

Lastly, you will be responsible for purging all copies or sub-sets of the subject data from any computer system used in your research project.

After you have closed your License, please remember that:

  1. Any reports or other pre-publication documents that use or contain IES restricted-use data need to be reviewed by the IES Data Security Office prior to their dissemination outside the Licensed research project staff.
  2. IES retains the right to conduct a close-out inspection of your License site to ensure that proper close-out procedures were followed.

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