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State Intradistrict   Interdistrict
Voluntary Mandatory Voluntary Mandatory
Number of states with
open enrollment policies
13 23   36 21
Alaska No Yes   No
Arizona No Yes   No Yes
Arkansas Yes Yes   No Yes
California Yes Yes   Yes No
Colorado No Yes   Yes Yes
Connecticut Yes No   Yes Yes
Delaware No Yes   No Yes
District of Columbia Yes No   No No
Florida Yes Yes   Yes No
Georgia No Yes   Yes Yes
Hawaii No   Yes No
Idaho No Yes   No Yes
Illinois No Yes   No
Indiana No Yes   Yes No
Iowa No   No Yes
Kansas No   Yes No
Kentucky No Yes   Yes Yes
Louisiana No Yes   Yes Yes
Maine No Yes   Yes No
Massachusetts No Yes   Yes No
Michigan No Yes   Yes No
Minnesota No   Yes Yes
Mississippi No   Yes No
Missouri No   Yes Yes
Montana No   Yes Yes
Nebraska No Yes   No Yes
Nevada No   Yes No
New Hampshire Yes No   Yes No
New Jersey No   Yes No
New Mexico Yes Yes   Yes Yes
New York No   Yes No
North Carolina No   No
North Dakota No   Yes Yes
Ohio No Yes   Yes No
Oklahoma No   Yes No
Oregon No   Yes No
Pennsylvania No   Yes No
Rhode Island No   Yes No
South Carolina No   Yes No
South Dakota No Yes   No Yes
Tennessee Yes No   Yes No
Texas Yes Yes   Yes No
Utah No Yes   No Yes
Vermont No   Yes Yes
Virginia Yes No   Yes No
Washington No Yes   No Yes
West Virginia Yes No   Yes No
Wisconsin Yes No   Yes Yes
Wyoming Yes No   Yes No
— Not available.
† Not applicable. State does not have an open enrollment policy.
NOTE: Open enrollment policies allow a student to transfer to the public school of his or her choice. Intradistrict open enrollment policies allow a student to transfer to another school within his or her school district. Interdistrict open enrollment policies allow a student to transfer to a school outside his or her home district. Open enrollment policies are either mandatory or voluntary in nature, depending on the state and availability of space. Mandatory open enrollment policies require districts to participate in the program and voluntary policies allow districts to choose whether to participate. States may adopt more than one open enrollment policy or policies that have multiple provisions (e.g., to target different student groups, such as students from low-performing schools).
SOURCE: Education Commission of the States, Open Enrollment: 50-State Report, retrieved September 5, 2013 from Data Source
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