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Obtaining NCES publications and products

How do I obtain NCES publications and products?

NCES publications and products may be accessed from the NCES Electronic Catalog. Another way to obtain publications, CD-ROMs, and other data products is through The Education Publication Center (ED Pubs). Until supplies are exhausted, copies of a publication or CD-ROM may be obtained at no cost from Ed Pubs. To contact ED Pubs, call their toll-free phone number at 877-4-ED-PUBS (877-433-7827), TTY/TDD at 877-576-7734; fax them at 703-605-6794; or send them a written request at:

ED Pubs
U.S. Department of Education
P.O. Box 22207
Alexandria, VA 22304

Before placing a request for a report or data product, make sure that you have its complete title and NCES number, for example, Digest of Education Statistics, 2000, NCES 2001-034.

In addition to ED Pubs, other sources for printed NCES publications and CD-ROMs include:

  • U.S. Government Online Bookstore: Orders may be made online through their web site; by phone at 866-512-1800; by fax at 202-512-2104; by mail at U.S. Government Printing Office, P.O. Box 979050, St. Louis, MO 63197-9000.

  • Federal Depository Libraries: For older publications, the only source for a NCES publication may be a Federal Depository Library. There are nearly 1,250 depository libraries throughout the United States and its territories.
Another useful resource, U.S. Department of Education Publications in ERIC, is a searchable bibliographic database that contains over 34,000 publications produced or funded by the U.S. Department of Education since its creation in 1980.

Ordering Multiple Copies/Older Publications

To obtain more than one copy of a publication or if ED Pubs' supplies have been exhausted, additional copies may be purchased from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) Online Bookstore. To order a publication from the Bookstore, you must have the GPO number, which should resemble this example: GPO #065-000-00871-8. The GPO number and price for a publication can be accessed online by visiting the Bookstore web site and entering the title of the product. Be sure to check availability because not all NCES publications may be obtained from the Bookstore.

Ordering Data Files

All NCES data files can be downloaded (at no cost) from our website. You may also obtain a Restricted Data License which enables you to access restricted data from NCES surveys. In addition, data files that are on CD-ROM are available through Ed Pubs or GPO.

Ordering Working Papers

Working papers are not available from the above named sources. To obtain a copy of a particular working paper, please contact Angela Miles at: or at 202-502-7401.

Designated NCES Contact

If publications are not available through any of the above methods, contact the NCES staff member who is listed on all product information pages under the Questions: designation (i.e. For questions about the content of this product, please contact ...), or visit the staff page for the survey/group that produced the report or data product.

For more information, please visit the following link: Ordering NCES Publications.

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