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Joint Meeting of State EDFacts, CCD Nonfiscal Coordinators, and Fiscal Coordinators

Thursday, July 26, 2018
1:30 pm 2:45 pm
Grand Ballroom (Lobby Level)

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

The U.S. Department of Education collects a variety of data items from state educational agencies (SEAs) through the EDFacts data collection system and administering school finance surveys. Although the non-fiscal and fiscal data submissions by SEAs are separate and distinct, it is unequivocal that there is a relationship between data items from both sets of surveys.

This session will serve to informally introduce State EDFacts and Fiscal Coordinators to each other, facilitate the information exchange between the coordinators, discuss issues that impact data from both sets of surveys, and demonstrate how data items in fiscal surveys are directly dependent on data from the non-fiscal surveys.

For example, the School District Finance Survey (F-33) utilizes the membership variable from the non-fiscal local education agency (LEA) universe file. Membership is the denominator in calculating expenditures per pupil, which are a factor in calculating Education Finance Incentive Grants (EFIG) grants under Title I. Furthermore, the Title I allocations process uses eligibility counts based on geographic information provided by each State. The panelists in this session will describe the type of LEA that is the intended initial recipient of these dollars. The session will also discuss new variables in the F-33 survey designed to attribute the expenditures of regional education service agencies (RESAs) and supervisory unions (SUs) to individual school districts. Finally, we will discuss the importance of clarifying definitions of terms such as Local Education Agency, School District, School, and Program, and make recommendations to improve data reporting practices.