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Agenda At-a-Glance—Page 1

Color Key to Topics CCD Data Collection Data Linking Beyond K–12 Data Management Data Privacy Data Quality Data Standards Data Use (Analytical) Data Use (Instructional) EDFacts Fiscal Data SLDS Other
Room Name Palm Court Ballroom (Lobby Level) State Ballroom (Lobby Level) East Ballroom (Lobby Level) Chinese Ballroom (Lobby Level) Georgia (Second Level)
Session A B C D E
Tuesday, July 12, 2016
CCD Fiscal Coordinators' Training, 8:30–12:00, District Ballroom (Lower Lobby)
Opening Plenary Session, 1:15–2:15, Grand Ballroom (Lobby Level)
CCD Fiscal Coordinators' Training (Continued), 2:30–5:20, District Ballroom (Lower Lobby)
Session I
EMAPS Assessment Metadata Survey Session
Lee, Miceli, Newman, Rudick
Make Data Work for Students: Opportunities in the ESSA
McMahon Parton, L. Hansen
Pennsylvania's Evolutions on EDFacts Submissions Today: On Time, Accurate, Automated With One Tool
Cowan, Redgate
Onward Ho!—Michigan Is Blazing the Trail Forward With Success Rates for Community Colleges and Universities
Dunbar, Jones, Knapp
Session II
IDEA Data Integration in Nevada and Technical Assistance From the CIID
Easter, Huennekens
Evaluating Privacy and Security Provisions in ED Tech Terms of Service Agreements
Morrisey, Gray
Training for CCD Coordinators
Empowering Parents With Data: Strategies for Communication and Providing Access
Hochleitner, Mason, Howard, Stacey
Session III
Stakeholder Engagement in High-Quality Public Reporting
Butler, Woolard
Collaborating for Quality: How West Virginia Tore Down Walls to Build Better Data
Hughes-Webb, Kirk, Darst
Data-Quality Session
Lee, Dunbar, Rhodes Maginnis, Redmon
Toward a Definition of School District and School (Review and Exploration Discussion)
Schmitt, Santy
Wednesday, July 13, 2016
EDFacts and CCD Nonfiscal Coordinators' Training, 9:00–12:30, District Ballroom (Lower Lobby)
Session IV
Forum Guide to Data Disaggregation of Racial/Ethnic Subgroups
Data Visualization and Mapping as a Vehicle for Storytelling
Baca, Hegarty, Santesteban, McGehee, Tate
Implementing an EWS at a District: Experiences From the Mid-Atlantic Region
Piperato, D. Hall, N. Smith, Razynska
Session V
10:15 –11:15
Managing Education-Data Privacy at the School Level
Folkers, Weinberger
The Use of Two or More Races in Reporting
Children of Military Data Collection: State Approaches and Lessons Learned
Dominguez, Hearn, Naiman-Sessions, Chatis
Improving Data Quality of the CRDC: What Are We Doing?
J. Brown, Schifferli, Brady, Bloom-Weltman
New York RIC One Project: Standards-Based Rostering
Fitzgerald, Wrage
Session VI
Beyond Words: PTAC Video Library Overview
Rodriguez, Gray
Title I Allocations
Gann, Millett, Sonnenberg
Accessing and Exploring the NCES Data: DLDT and the CCD
Cornman, White, Glander
Reducing Barriers to Rigorous Evaluation: New Tools for School Districts
Stevens, Resch
Lunch (on Your Own)
CCD Fiscal Coordinators' Roundtable, 1:45–4:00, District Ballroom (Lower Lobby)
Session VII
Using State Longitudinal Data to Study Postsecondary Success: Lessons From REL Midwest Research in Two States
Townsley, Arzamendia, Proger, E. Davis
Two States, One EDFacts Reporting Solution
Porter, Cowan, Pagnotta
Value and Impact of Common Data Definitions for Scaling Student Success
O'Neill, Okimoto, Wagner
DMS Demonstration and Questions and Answers
Stillwell, Sinclair
Encouraging Use of the Longitudinal Data System for Research: The Arkansas Experience
Saunders, Airola, Dougherty
Session VIII
3:00 –4:00
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Data Collection, Processing, and Dissemination
Reeves, Cody
The Common Core of Data—America's Public Schools
CONNECTing Data Collection and Data Use
Mizrav, Copa, M. Young
Internal Controls
EDUCaTION wiThout d@tA sdradnat$
Swiggum, L. Hansen, D. Brown
Session IX
Privacy in Public Reporting: Updates From the U.S. Department of Education
Hawes, Miller, Nesmith
State Use of Apprenticeship and Work-Based Learning Data
Leventoff, Powell, Folkers
A Free Tool for More Efficient and Effective Research Request Processes
Pyle, Howe, A. Hall
Security Controls Over IT
Timm, Skilling
The xPress API Suite
Clinton, Fruth, Wrage
Thursday, July 14, 2016
Session X
9:00 –10:00
Supporting Data Use at State Education Agencies: REL Central Tools
Meyer, Culbertson, Brodersen, Javurek-Humig
IES Funding Opportunities to Analyze State and District Administrative Data
Using IDEA EDFacts Data in IDEA Annual Performance Report Measurements
Long, Hollins
An Update on The Condition of Education 2016
Kena, de Brey, Zhang
Session XI
10:15 –11:15
Leveraging Research Agendas to Guide Informed Decisionmaking
Natividad, Rauschenberg, Howe
CRDC—Where Does the Data Go?
J. Brown, Brady, Boyd
IEP Standardization
Jennifer Schmidt, Fruth
University-Agency SLDS Partnerships: Analysis of Student Mobility-Indicating Data in Virginia
Piver-Renna, Bradburn
Session XII
Implementing Data Strategy Within the U.S. Department of Education
Santy, Styles
Home Language Survey Data-Quality Self-Assessment Tool: A Project of REL Northeast and Islands
Eisner, Mello
Standardizing Transcripts for Data Sharing
Conner, Ferdoussi
Of Data Security and Zombie Defense
Hawes, Tassey
It Takes a Village: Connecting Community to Student Success
Marczak, Bencivenga
Color Key to Topics CCD Data Collection Data Linking Beyond K–12 Data Management Data Privacy Data Quality Data Standards Data Use (Analytical) Data Use (Instructional) EDFacts Fiscal Data SLDS Other