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Demonstration Descriptions

CaseNEX-DataCation Compass

Peter Bencivenga, Yamaris Perez, and Elisabeth Kimball

  • Teachers and educators need to be constantly aware in order to make the most of their data and help students do their best. DataCation Compass is a new, comprehensive dashboard solution that allows school communities to streamline data and view multiple data points on one screen. This demonstration details the tool in action (from how to create groups to how to track students for interventions) so attendees can see how DataCation Compass keeps teachers constantly aware in order to prevent students from falling off track in the first place.

Center for Innovative Technology

Will Goldschmidt, Mike Ravenscroft, and Nathan Krol

  • The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) will demonstrate the Virginia Longitudinal Data System (VLDS)-Nevada P–20 to Workforce Research Data System (NPWR) statewide longitudinal data system (SLDS) solution. Using a federated database architecture that securely matches data among K–12, higher education, and workforce databases, VLDS-NPWR is a sophisticated tool that provides researcher portals, data governance, automated email notifications, and dynamic P–20 reports. A fully auditable solution that can be expanded to include additional state agencies, the VLDS-NPWR solution represents a best-in-class example of an SLDS solution that was developed through an interstate partnership between Virginia and Nevada. CIT's demonstration will provide an overview of system functionality as well as the benefits of partnering for SLDS solutions.

CPSI, Ltd.

Gay Sherman, Justin Elia, Michelle Elia, and Aziz Elia

  • CPSI presents its new data hub model for collection of data at both the district and state levels. This model accommodates multiple standards, including Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF), P20W Education Standards Council (PESC), Ed-Fi, Common Education Data Standards (CEDS), and vendor available Application Program Interfaces (APIs). CPSI is dedicated to making data accessible to teachers and staff so that they can provide a better education for the next generation of students. We believe that every student deserves the foundation of a good education. Our mission is to help students and the education community through better data.

eScholar LLC

Shawn Bay, Wolf Boehme, and Nisa Torres

  • eScholar is revolutionizing the way data are used in education to help parents, educators, and students make informed decisions, lead change, and discover and achieve their goals. Our award-winning solutions simplify reporting, streamline data management, and transform how data are used to improve outcomes. Our solutions include data warehousing, unique identifier management, and collaborative dashboard and instructional improvement solutions. We support 13 education agencies and more than 5,000 districts to serve the needs of over 20 million students across the nation. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @eScholar.

ESP Solutions Group

Joshua Goodman, Glynn Ligon, Steven King, and Jim Rife

  • ESP Solutions Group is solely focused on improving the quality of education data. Our team of education experts originally pioneered the concept of “data-driven decisionmaking” (D3M) and now partners to optimize the management of data within state agencies. ESP Solutions Group has advised school districts, all 52 state education agencies, and the U.S. Department of Education on the practice of P20W data management. ESP Solutions Group is comprised of nationally recognized experts in implementing the data and technology requirements of state accountability systems, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), Education Data Exchange Network (EDEN) /EDFacts, and the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF), as well as the National Education Data Model (NEDM), Ed-Fi, and the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). ESP's collective expertise is represented in its Optimal Reference Guides (downloads are available at To learn more, please visit us at

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)

Jennifer Sargeant, Zach Tussing, and David Bargeron

  • By taking a partner-centric approach with customers, the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) team helps education entities deliver on their vision of integrated content and data environments. Our work includes data use for reporting and analytics, enterprise reporting (including growth model, at-risk management, RTI programs, digital libraries, and the capacity to allow business users to create their own reports), standards usage, secure portals, standards management, classroom tools, and entire state and district longitudinal data systems. By working with us, your organization can put the power of data and digital tools at your educators' fingertips.

Infinite Campus

Joe Fox

  • Infinite Campus provides a statewide data collection solution that collects, certifies, and transforms data into a standardized data set for reporting and analysis; realizes efficiencies by publishing data to districts; and improves district data quality via electronic student data record transfers. Infinite Campus delivers a proven, comprehensive state solution that includes unique student and staff ID assignments, a student locator, enrollment overlap detection, data integration services, district-to-district record transfers, standard reports, ad-hoc reports, common course numbering, state-defined data elements, final grade reporting, 21st Century Schools, longitudinal economic indicator, robust limited-English-proficient (LEP) tracking, and teacher-student data linkage. Our six statewide initiatives give us unique insights into the complexities and subtleties of planning and managing statewide data collection.

LearningMate Solutions

Joseph Mattuch, Amit Soman, and Debbie Stirling

  • LearningMate Solutions will provide a hands-on demonstration of the Arizona's Department of Education (ADE) dashboards: 35 dashboards with 161 data views. Dashboards and data models were created using federal funds and are available to other states and districts without cost.


Franklyn Chien

  • Despite efforts to make data more accessible, most solutions today are difficult to implement and even more difficult to use. The result is all too common: an expensive, unwieldy system, abstract reports, and data overload. One company is beginning to change this. With a simple five-minute setup and simple "glance-ready" reports, LearnSprout is helping educators realize the potential of their data. Since its launch in 2013, LearnSprout has grown to support more than 2,600 schools in 42 states, providing K–12 educators with an Early Warning Solution (EWS) and analytics to identify at-risk students and prevent dropouts.

P20W Education Standards Council (PESC)

Michael Sessa and Jennifer Kim

  • The P20W Education Standards Council's (PESC) overall mission revolves around interoperability. It takes many organizations working together to support the education domain and infrastructure. We seek out organizations with common missions, as open and transparent collaboration is the cornerstone principle of PESC. Our members include data, software, and education technology service providers; local, state, and federal government agencies; schools, colleges, and universities; college, university, and state systems; professional, commercial, and nonprofit organizations; and national and international nonprofit associations and foundations.


Wes Avett, Scott MacConnell, and Steve Rager

  • SAS helps state education agencies track student progress and trends longitudinally from data, such as attendance, test scores, and demographics. SAS enables states to merge vast amounts of student data from the disconnected levels of education—culminating in the development of a data-rich, state-specific longitudinal data system that integrates relevant data about a student's education from preschool through graduate school or work force entry. The SAS demo will showcase how states can
    • integrate data, improve data quality, and manage metadata;
    • use analytics to identify current and future trends for better decisionmaking; and
    • equip all decisionmakers with secure self-service reporting.


Doug Gibson, Allen Kim, and Rohan Natraj

  • StartClass, formerly FindTheBest, is an education research website that provides students, parents, and educators with detailed information on K–12, college, graduate, and career options. Our free colleges and public schools research tools utilize the National Center for Education Statistics' (NCES') data to give people all the information they need to objectively research and make the most informed education decisions possible when selecting a school. We will show the innovative ways that our data comparison, narrative, and visualization technology can use education data and make it more accessible and understandable to users.