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Agenda At-a-Glance—Page 1

Color Key to Topics CCD Data Collection Data Linking Beyond K–12 Data Management Data Privacy Data Quality Data Standards Data Use (Analytical) Data Use (Instructional) EDFacts Fiscal Data SLDS Other
Room Name Thurgood Marshall Ballroom (East) Thurgood Marshall Ballroom (North) Thurgood Marshall Ballroom (West) Thurgood Marshall Ballroom (South) Wilson A
Session A B C D E
Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Common Core of Data (CCD) Fiscal Coordinators' Training, 8:30–12:00, Lincoln 5 (Exhibition Level)
Opening Plenary Session, 1:15–2:15, Thurgood Marshall Ballroom
EDFacts and Common Core of Data (CCD) Nonfiscal Coordinators’ Training, 2:30–5:20, Lincoln 2 and 3 (Exhibition Level)
Session I
Common Core of Data (CCD) Fiscal Coordinators’ Training Empowering Users to Make Data-Informed Decisions
M. Johnson, Rankin
Session II
Oh My Gosh (OMG)! Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC)! North Carolina’s Transition From Local Education Agency (LEA) to State Education Agency (SEA) CRDC
Dominguez, Baugess
The Role of Facilities-Related Data in School District and State Planning
Filardo, Gorrell
Anonymized Wage Data Interchange System (AWIDS)
How to Partner With the Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs) to Take Better Advantage of Data in Your Longitudinal Data System
Razynska, S. Meyer, Akey, J. Hughes, Folsom, Kannapel
Oklahoma Cost Accounting System
N. Hughes, Penny, Hupp
Session III
Lessons Learned From State Education Agencies (SEAs) Engaged With the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC)
McCalmont, I. Thomas, Petro
Quarterly High School Attendance Patterns and Academic Success
Practical Solutions for Leveraging English Language Proficiency (ELP) Assessment Data
Olsen, Shafer Willner, Wilmes
Public Transparency in Michigan
Howell, Bernosky
iTeachAZ: Supporting Preservice Teacher Development Through an Integrated Data Suite
Wasson, Beal, A. Nielsen, Farr
Thursday, July 9, 2015
EDFacts and Common Core of Data (CCD) Nonfiscal Coordinators' Working Sessions, 9:00–12:30, Lincoln 2 and 3 (Exhibition Level)
Session IV
Data Use Standards in Action: A State Collaborative to Improve Educator Data Use
Kock, Katahira, M. Johnson
"Master Person" - Linking and Matching Records Across Diverse Domains and Organizations
K. Edwards, R. Thomas, Kumar
Local Educational Agency (LEA) Maintenance of Effort (MOE)—The Big Picture for State Education Agencies (SEAs) and LEAs
Zellmer, Crain, Snyder
Community Eligibility Provision: Eliminating Hunger in High-Poverty Schools
Garrison, Maskornick
Montana Early Warning System
Session V
10:15 –11:15
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Spatial Data: A Review of District Boundaries and the School Attendance Boundary Survey
Phan, Geverdt, Conver
A State Education Agency (SEA) World Without Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Rocks, Laird, Boughton, Ballman
The Center for IDEA Fiscal Reporting (CIFR) Maintenance of Financial Support Collection and Reporting Toolkit
S. Smith, Levin
Forum Guide to Alternative Measures of Socioeconomic Status in Education Data Systems
Howell, S. Edwards
Enterprise Information Management: Cutting Through the Data Clutter and Chaos
Hansen, Gaines, Barber
Session VI
Reaching the Finish Line for the 2013–14 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) and Preparing for the Start of the 2015–16 CRDC
Potts, Brown, Fitch, Tellez, Bloom-Weltman
Building and Using Data Systems Effectively
Swiggum, Hallgren, Pickens Jewel
Mutual Support: The Rhode Island Research Hub and Advisory Council
Votta, Cratty
Getting Help With Your Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS)—Who Ya Gonna Call . . . State Support Team (SST)!
Howell, Murphy, Townsend, Gosa, Chatis
Breaking Barriers to Effective Data Use in Teacher Preparation
Miranda, Doerger, Harris, Weeldreyer
Lunch (on Your Own)
Session VII
Common Core of Data (CCD) Fiscal Coordinators' Roundtable (Parts 1 and 2)
Cornman, Emm, O’Guinn
They Want Us to Do What by When? Reviewing and Commenting on Proposed Federal Data Collections
S. Edwards, La Guardia
Using Standardized Data Collections to Move to Near Real-Time Data for Educators
Data You Can Use—The Maine Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) Data Warehouse
Hurwitch, Stefanakos
Session VIII
3:00 –4:00
All Common Core of Data (CCD) Things Considered
Keaton, Glander
Going Public About Privacy: Telling Your Privacy Story
Hughes-Webb, Nichols
See Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) in Action From Definition to Dashboard
Thompson, Wheeler, Goodell
New EDFacts Coordinators: Learning the Ropes
Murphy, Curtin, Rhodes Maginnis, Boyd
Session IX
Creating a Culture of Data Quality and Informed Use Through Live and Online Professional Development
Altersitz, McGlynn, Geier
Relationships 101: Making It Work With Your Vendor
Nichols, Hughes-Webb, Hurwitch, Bush, Blyler
What in the World Are They Talking About? Data Management Jargon 101
S. Edwards, Bonnell, La Guard
Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) Data Linking Work Group: Matching Techniques Expert Panel
Akers, Votta, Gosa
Analyzing Data Across the College-Going Pipeline
Holten-Bakshi, J. Davis
Friday, July 10, 2015
Session X
9:00 –10:00
Latest Findings From The Condition of Education and Other National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Annual Reports
McFarland, Kena, Musu-Gillette
Guiding School Funding Policy by Monitoring Education Cost Pressures
O'Donnell, Cicarelli, Seder
Examining the Reliability and Validity of Educator-Designed Assessments Used to Measure Student Growth
Ricketts, P. Goldschmidt
Collaborating Via Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) Communities of Practice
Akers, Punswick, Natividad, Gosa, Chatis
Harnessing Student Creativity and Talent to Increase Data Use
Canada, Bell
Session XI
10:15 –11:15
Who Moved My Education Data Exchange Network (EDEN) Queries: How Pennsylvania Automated Its EDEN Submissions
Cowan, Redgate
Field Experiment-Based Improvements to Fiscal Indicators and Title I Allocation Process
SchoolStat: Performance Management and Problem Solving for Better Results at Scale in the Shelby County (TN) and Syracuse City (NY) Public Schools
Leon, Shannon, Richardson
Blend-ED: New Methods for Targeted Professional Learning
Ferry, Athota, Newcom
Educator Preparation Program Scorecards: Comparing Teachers' Effectiveness, Placement, and Retention by Preparation Program
Alleyne, Cartwrig
Session XII
New Approaches to Measuring Teacher Positional Change (Ambient Positional Instability): Lessons Learned From a Multistate Effort
Weathers, Taylor, J. Baker, Merlino
Digital Resource Tagging—Fundamentals for Effective Sharing
Bonnot, A. Baker, Goodell, Ginder
The Business of Data: Employer Engagement With Education and Workforce Information
Zinn, Francis, Imperatore
Considering Multiple Assessments to Improve Instruction
Currier, Dorrell
Statewide Data Access for Application Providers—The West Virginia Way!
Beane, Kirk, Fruth, Wrage
Color Key to Topics CCD Data Collection Data Linking Beyond K–12 Data Management Data Privacy Data Quality Data Standards Data Use (Analytical) Data Use (Instructional) EDFacts Fiscal Data SLDS Other