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CCD Fiscal Coordinators' Training

Thursday, July 30, 2014

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and U.S. Census Bureau

(This session is reserved for CCD Fiscal Coordinators.)

This session will cover new developments in the National Public Education Financial Survey (NPEFS) and School District Finance Survey (F-33): collecting and reporting finance data on charter schools at the district level; maintenance of effort (MOE) requirements; a prospective school-level finance data collection; data items utilized in calculating state per-pupil expenditure (SPPE); Title I allocation procedures; and updates to the NCES Financial Accounting for Local and State School Systems handbook. This session will also cover special topics, including a review of key concepts and crucial variable definitions, the prospective addition or deletion of data items for NPEFS and F-33, the NPEFS Federal Register notice, a demonstration of the Census Bureau Local Education Agency Finance System (LEAFS) processing and editing system as well as the NPEFS web application, business and editing rules, the imputation process, and updates to the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).