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Agenda at a Glance—Page 2

Color Key to Topics CCD Data Collection Data Linking Beyond K–12 Data Management Data Privacy Data Quality Data Standards Data Use (Analytical) Data Use (Instructional) Fiscal Data SLDS Other
Session F G H I J
Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Opening Plenary Session — 1:15 - 2:15 p.m.
Session I
Keeping Momentum in Kansas’ Data Quality Certification Program
Grillot, Wright
Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) "On the Wire": Why Authentic and Open Standards Matter for Data Solutions
Paredes, Curtis, Schmidt
A Key Connection: Stakeholder Engagement and Governance Across Sectors to Use Early Childhood Data
Cochenour, Ruggiero, Jorgenson, Beard
Measuring Community Ability To Pay: How Massachusetts Keeps It Simple
New EDFacts Coordinators’ Training will take place in the Taylor Room.
Session II
Building a Better Data System: How to Provide Quality Data Schools Love to Use
Future-Proofing Your Data Systems Through the Use of Standards
Lass, Firman, Niehaus
Virginia Longitudinal Data System (VLDS): Understanding Virginia High School Graduates’ College Enrollment, Persistence, and Graduation
Bryant, Jonas, Paik
Data Quality Assessment Tool for Administrative Data
Berning, Marck
Colorado Charter Schools—Financial Reporting Structures
Emm, Chapin
Session III
Increasing Research Possibilities With the Ohio Longitudinal Data Archive
Hawley, Cohen
The School Quality Snapshot: California’s In-House Solution for Reporting Longitudinal Data
Babcock-Roberson, Khalsa
REALWORLD on Campus: Using State Applications to Foster Data Use Skill Development in College Pre-Service
Grillot, Wright
Are Your School Districts Headed for an Iceberg?
Barkley, Willard
Thursday, July 18, 2013
Session IV
9:00 –10:00
Data-Driven Policy—Michigan’s Information Ecosystem
Martin, Howell
More Alike Than Not? Postsecondary Thoughts on the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS)
Garcia, L’Orange
Data Governance of the Texas Student Data System Initiative
Forum Guide to the Teacher-Student Data Link: A Technical Implementation Resource
Session V
Apps4VA: Enlisting the Public in Apps Creation for Data Analysis
Canada, Bell
School Codes for the Exchange of Data (SCED) Update
Gosa, S. Williams, Mangold
The Power of Stakeholder Engagement in Planning, Design, and Management of Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDSs)
Butler, Thomas, Osumi, Ikenaga, Smith
Developing a Behavior Dashboard for Schools
Session VI
EDFacts Shared State Solution Rolls On
Ogle, S. King
The Future Is Now: How Arizona Is Transitioning From Plans to Action
Data Profiles and Certification: Quality Control From the Local Education Agency (LEA) to the State Education Agency (SEA) and Back!
Fruth, Lovell, Curtin, Kraman
State Education Agency (SEA) Support for Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC)
McCalmont, Bogner, Dorenkamp
Lunch (on Your Own)
Session VII
Using Longitudinal Data Through RTI and Data Team Processes to Inform Instruction and Support Services
Cuglietto, Diaz, Samis, Bay
Massachusetts’ Data Quality Program for Early Childhood Education and School Districts
Curtin, Geier
Massachusetts Early Warning Indicator System: Identifying At-Risk Students Across K–12 Trajectory
Into the Future: Laying the Foundation for an Automated Teacher Licensure System
Bryant, Pitts, Jobe, Fauntleroy
Integrating A–F School Performance Grading Into a Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS)
Hurwitch, Stefanakos
Session VIII
3:00 –4:00
Harnessing the Ecosystem: New York Education Data Portal(NY EDP) as Open Platform
Fruth, Singh, Nadeau, Jackl
Data Auditing in an Urban School District—Improving the Practice of Data-Driven Decisionmaking
Aker, Frey
Session IX
Kentucky’s Continuous Instructional Improvement System
Horne, A. King
An Early Warning System in the Yonkers Public Schools
Weinberger, Halperin
Data Lifecycle—Success Strategies From Washington State
Alvarado, Rang
Data Use for Early Childhood
Cochenour, Holmes, Koshkin, Tout
Major Edit and Imputation Methods Employed in the Processing of Common Core of Data (CCD)
Stillwell, Goldberg, Little
Friday, July 19, 2013
Session X
9:00 –10:00
Assigning Identifiers for Military Children in State Education Databases: The Hawaii Experience
Tydeman, Imai, Berg
Clearing the Murky Water: Making Better Use of Education Finance Data
McMahon, Hurwitch, Hansen, Swiggum
Playing Well With Others: A Data Management Success Story in North Carolina to New Stakeholders
Dulaney, Elander
Using ELSi to Access Common Core of Data (CCD) Data
Indirect Cost Rates—Preparations From the State Education Agency (SEA) Perspective
P. Taylor, Hortin
Session XI
10:15 –11:15
Race to the Top Assessment: Consortium Progress and Interoperability
Districtwide Analytics
Velit, Rajput, Pummill
From Start to Finish: Using an Early Warning Indicators Approach to Identify Dropouts as Early as First Grade
Session XII
Colorado’s Data Pipeline
Domagala, Bradley
The Massachusetts/Ohio Instructional Improvement System (IIS)—The Local Education Agency (LEA) Perspective
Henry, Rhea
Discovering What’s Inside Mathematics Courses...and Taking the Next Step
Brown, Roey
Collecting Data From District of Columbia College Access Providers: From Overcoming the Legal Hurdle to Reporting Preliminary Findings
K. Williams, Noel
Color Key to Topics CCD Data Collection Data Linking Beyond K–12 Data Management Data Privacy Data Quality Data Standards Data Use (Analytical) Data Use (Instructional) Fiscal Data SLDS Other