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Demonstration Descriptions

Certica Solutions

Jeff Averick, Certica Solutions

    Certify™ software allows local education agencies (LEAs) to validate and monitor student, school and teacher data on a daily basis, at any time during the year to give districts a high level of confidence in their ability to report complete and accurate data to their state education agencies (SEAs); be automatically notified when data violates state standards; provide a detailed inventory of data issues that need to be addressed in district administrative systems; and reduce the time that district and school personnel spend reviewing, reconciling, and correcting data issues.

Choice Solutions, Inc.

Brennain Delaney, Scott Gallant, Jennifer Lally, and Zachary Tussing; Choice Solutions, Inc.

    edFusion—Using Data Systems to Support Teaching and Learning—the key to a successful data system is providing tools and resources to support data-driven decisionmaking and teaching. Selecting an enterprise-caliber solution as a foundation for that environment is critical for long-term sustainability and return on investment. Choice Solutions continues to develop the industry’s most complete educational environment, edFusion. At edFusion’s core is our enterprise caliber identity and data management framework, which is being utilized in over eleven state education agency clients, as well as with local education agency clients, and higher education. Our edFusion solution suite provides secure portals, enterprise reporting (including growth model and at-risk management), standards management, classroom tools, and digital libraries. Learn how edFusion can help your organization put the power of data and digital tools at your educators’ fingertips.


Glenn Facey and Patrick Quirk, Claraview

    Claraview delivers a combination of data warehousing and decision support system capabilities, P—20 education domain expertise, and a proven client track record of delivering successful data solutions that help local, state, and federal education agencies achieve their missions. Discover why Claraview’s education solutions ensure K–12 and P–20 data systems provide the information educators need to improve instruction. Please stop by our booth to discuss how we can support the entire education agency (from assessment/strategy to deployment/optimization) and why a longitudinal data system should be considered a strategic program and not just another IT project.

CPSI, Ltd.

Aziz Elia, Michelle Elia, and Gay Sherman; CPSI, Ltd.

    In longitudinal data collection and analysis, better data collections mean better reporting and making better decisions. Gathering and collecting data in near real time with extensive data validation gives you confidence in the consistency of your data, while standardization is the key to data governance. The CPSI xDStudio Enterprise solution provides a standardized data model for reporting, ETL (extraction, transformation, and load) functions, complete information access, operational and transactional data systems, longitudinal data systems, and complete ad-hoc reporting tools. Why wait for reporting time? Address and resolve data inconsistencies in real time.

Deloitte Consulting

Philip Benowitz, David Butter, and Alan Hartwig; Deloitte Consulting

    Deloitte has successfully implemented education data systems in six states as well as with the U.S. Department of Education. We will present and demonstrate our education data system point solutions and large-scale implementation capabilities. Based on the needs of our clients, we have developed custom point solutions and have successfully implemented Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solutions for early childhood through postsecondary.

eScholar LLC

Shawn Bay, Wolf Boehme, and Daysie Kratz; eScholar LLC

    As the leading innovator in using data and technology to drive education, eScholar products provide clean integrated data that can be used to drive effective innovations from the underpinning data used to promote individual student achievement to using data systemically to improve education. We also have the experience to deliver capabilities targeted to early childhood through postsecondary education and beyond. Stop by our booth and learn how eScholar can bring its innovation to you. eScholar provides a comprehensive platform for data quality and data integration that is relied on statewide by 12 state education agencies, supporting 3,500 districts with more than 13 million early childhood through postsecondary students. (

ESP Solutions Group

Barbara Clements, Joshua Goodman, Steve King, and Glynn Ligon; ESP Solutions Group

    ESP Solutions Group is solely focused on improving the quality of education data. Our team of education experts pioneered the concept of “data-driven decisionmaking” (D3M) and now partner to optimize the management of data within education agencies. We have advised school districts, all 52 state education agencies, and the U.S. Department of Education on the practice of K–12 school data management. We are nationally recognized experts in implementing the data and technology requirements of state accountability systems, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), EDEN/EDFacts, Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF), and the National Education Data Model (NEDM). Our collective expertise is represented in our Optimal Reference Guides (downloads are available at To learn more, visit

Infinite Campus

Joe Fox, Infinite Campus

    Educational improvement depends on timely, accurate, and robust information. Statewide student data systems are needed to create an information infrastructure that is as important as power, water, or facilities. Infinite Campus has everything a state needs to create this system using a single commercial off-the-shelf solution. Infinite Campus manages district-level student administration, data sharing between districts and state, and state-level compliance. As the only vendor who has successfully implemented five statewide system initiatives, we have unique insights into the complexities and subtleties of planning and managing this important project. See what’s possible for your state using Infinite Campus at this demonstration.

Mizuni, Inc.

Laurie Collins and Ignacio Ybarra, Mizuni, Inc.

    Mizuni offers an unmatched PK–20 Enterprise Information Management Solution to meet states’ rapidly evolving information needs. The Mizuni Solution is the ultimate tool to support student achievement through the collection, linkage, and real-time delivery of accurate, high-value data from sources spanning the PK–20 spectrum. While offering rich functionality directly out-of-the-box, Mizuni’s State Solution allows for extensive customization to meet the diverse requirements of state education agencies and their many stakeholders. States can reach new heights with Mizuni’s innovative, comprehensive, and intuitive technology.

Optimal Solutions Group, LLC

Monica Leal-Priddy, Benjamin Locke, Arun Maheshwari, Mark Turner, Tracye Turner, and Erin Twamley; Optimal Solutions Group, LLC

    Using Real-Time Web-Enabled Applications and Dashboards for Timely Analysis and Reporting—in support of the government’s increasing efforts to provide transparency and results to the public, the U.S. Department of Education has adopted an education data dashboard. Building off of this premise, this demonstration provides two examples of real-time applications with performance dashboards that provide efficient and timely analysis of results. One dashboard shows the monitoring of a hypothetical grant program and highlights how the dashboard identifies grantee compliance and performance trends and gaps. A second dashboard and corresponding application were developed to maximize effectiveness and efficiency in conducting systematic reviews for meta-analysis. The application facilitates the coding of literature and reporting of results, reducing burden and bias, and enforcing a coding scheme. The dashboard provides visualization of literature search results, improved quality assurance, status or progress updates, and trends and gaps identification. Together the tools aim to foster collaboration between researchers by allowing more systematic comparisons across vast volumes of research.

Parchment (Demonstration Cancelled)

John O’Connell, Parchment

    At Parchment, our mission and passion is to unleash education credentials by unlocking the critical data they embody. Our SaaSplatform, Docufide by Parchment is education’s trusted intermediary and the leading provider of academic credential solutions to states, schools, universities, and the individuals they educate.

PTD Technology

Doug Wiesner, PTD Technology

    Career and Technical Information System (CTEIS) is a web-based data collection system that manages the functions of data collection, validation, approvals, and report preparation supporting the Michigan Office of Career and Technical Education. CTEIS provides program creation, course, student, and enrollment management with bulk imports to improve efficiency. Rules-based data validations ensure high quality data. Building, district, and administration submissions and approvals keep district functions in district control. The longitudinal aspect of the data structure allow for accurate federal report preparation and a rich data set for research.


Barbara Delbove, Ric Ferrentino, Gary Johnson, and Jessica Williams; Pearson

    Proven Longitudinal Data Systems with Standards-Based Interoperability—state education agencies (SEAs) today want longitudinal data systems that improve processes, increase data accuracy, and reduce cost. These interoperability solutions need to work with existing data systems and be scalable for future expansion. Deployed in more than 12 statewide longitudinal data system (SLDS) projects, Pearson has completed more standards-based SEA implementations than any other provider and has an unquestioned commitment to K–12 education. We invite you to stop by our demonstration area and learn more about our advanced SIF-enabled solutions, our secure electronic student record/transcript solution and our new credential management solution. We’ll partner with you and help you create successful PK–20–W longitudinal data systems.

Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC)

Jennifer Kim, Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC)

    With a majority of states implementing Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council’s (PESC) XML High School Transcript, PESC will provide information and outreach to support these states and ensure those looking to implement PESC’s XML High School Transcript have resources available to them.

Schoolnet, Inc.

Andrew Cary and Woodrow Carter, Schoolnet, Inc.

    Districts and states across America are partnering with Schoolnet to implement the most comprehensive, tightly integrated data-driven education software in K–12 education, Schoolnet’s Instructional Improvement System. This demonstration will highlight how this system links data analysis and reporting, formative assessment, standards-aligned curriculum management, educator development management, and parent portals to help districts achieve extraordinary efficiency, results, and ROI in the process.

Vangent Inc.

Jill Hanson, Robin Jenkins, and Carlo Uchello; Vangent, Inc.

    Today, statewide longitudinal data systems require links to postsecondary education as well as the workforce to be able to gain further insight on student outcomes and career readiness. Vangent understands these connections because we have successfully linked interagency data. Our solutions have eased the transition from high school to college and beyond. From guiding academic choices through transcript evaluation services to financing a student’s college education, Vangent has been there providing student-friendly support systems and services contributing to their success. Please stop by to learn how Vangent can provide you with the systems and services to successfully achieve your goals.