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STATS-DC 2010 NCES Data Conference

Concurrent Session I

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I–A Data-Based Decision Making:  A Portal to Achievement
Cindy Helmers, Bloomington School District 87 (Illinois)
Dave Moravec, Integrity Schools

    The idea of putting data in the hands of teachers can be a reality. Who can better affect learning in the classroom than the person interacting with the students daily? This session will focus on how two school districts have been able to affect learning by giving their staff virtually unlimited access to student information, assessment results, and classroom-level reporting solutions.

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I–B Oh, the Lessons We’ve Learned:  A Three-Year Examination of Kansas’ Data Quality Certification Program
Kateri Grillot, Kansas State Department of Education

    Kansas received task order funding from NCES in 2007 to develop a data quality professional development program for school and district staff. This investment into data quality has yielded three years of interesting results as several role-based training programs were piloted and implemented. The Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) will share what caught fire and what fizzled, as well as the program growth models from the last three years. Kansas’ Data Quality Certification (DQC) Program faced a diverse set of challenges, including geography, sustainability, and retention. This session will give other states a candid look inside this successful program to see what methods KSDE adopted to meet the demands of a rapidly growing program. A brief history, the valuable lessons learned over the past three years, and a look forward at the future direction of the DQC program will be shared, along with pragmatic tips and techniques for other states making similar investments into data quality professional development initiatives.

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I–F Initiatives at ED to Make EDFacts Data Available
Ross Santy, Alex Goniprow, Rebecca Fitch, Melanie Muenzer, and Cathy Solomon U.S. Department of Education
    In recent years, the EDFacts Initiative at the U.S. Department of Education (ED) has focused primarily on centralizing the collection of data across all K–12 formula grant programs administered through the state education agencies. With the collection of data on the 2008–2009 school year, the transition to EDFacts reporting is over, and a greater share of the attention within ED is focusing on how to better use, report and share the data made available through EDFacts.  This session will discuss and demonstrate recent efforts (most notably ED Data Express), and pending work to place the data in appropriate environments where it can be freely accessed by the public and put to use in a greater number of ways.

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I–G SIF Implementation Success—A How-To Guide
Erik McCormick, Alaska Department of Education
Steve King, ESP Solutions Group
    This session will look at the tried-and-true processes and methodologies that are necessary to ensure successful implementation of Schools Interoperability Framework Solutions. Like a practical how-to guide, this session will walk participants through everything from planning and mapping data needs to managing vendor relationships.

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