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STATS-DC 2010 NCES Data Conference

Demonstration Descriptions

Choice Solutions, Inc.—edFusion—Using Data Systems to Support Teaching and Learning
Jennifer Lally, Scott Gallant, Zachary Tussing, and Brennain Delaney, Choice Solutions, Inc.

    Providing tools and environments that support data-driven decision making and teaching is the key to a successful learning environment. Selecting an enterprise caliber solution as a foundation for that environment is critical for long-term return on investment and sustainability. Building on the strong foundation of our identity and data-management solutions, Choice Solutions is creating the industry’s most complete educational environment, edFusion. Our edFusion solution suite provides secure portals, standards management, classroom tools, enterprise reporting (including growth model), RTI programs and digital libraries. Learn how edFusion can help your organization put the power of data and digital tools at your educator’s fingertips.

Claraview—Maximizing Data Usage to Improve Student Performance
Glenn Facey and David Grattan, Claraview

    Discover the reasons why education agencies choose Claraview as their trusted partner for delivering and implementing longitudinal data systems to support increased student achievement. Claraview continues to deliver a combination of data management, data warehousing, and decision support system capabilities; P–20 education domain expertise; and a proven track record of delivering successful data solutions that help local, state, and federal education agencies achieve their missions. Claraview’s focus is on providing districts, teachers, and administrators with the decision-critical reports required to impact student performance. To learn how Claraview can help accomplish your education data-system goals, visit us at our booth or

CPSI, Ltd.—Create a Dynamic Standards-Based Longitudinal Data System (LDS)
Michelle Elia, Aziz Elia, and Gay Sherman, CPSI, Ltd.

    In longitudinal data collection and analysis, better data mean better reporting and making better decisions. Gathering and collecting data in near real time with extensive data validation gives you confidence in the consistency of your data, while standardization is the key to data governance. The CPSI xDStudio Enterprise solution provides a standardized data model for reporting, ETL (extraction, transformation, and load) functions, complete information access, operational and transactional data systems, longitudinal data systems, and complete ad-hoc reporting tools. Why wait for reporting time? Address and resolve data inconsistencies in real time.

Deloitte Consulting—National Education Practice
David Butter, Phil Benowitz, and Mark Wiggins, Deloitte Consulting

    Deloitte Consulting will provide an overview of its national education practice solutions, capabilities, and services to state and local education agencies.

Edustructures—Purpose-Built for Longitudinal Data Systems Success: Standards-Based Interoperability From Edustructures
Greg Hill, Gary Johnson, and Barbara DelBove, Edustructures

    States are benefiting from an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly deliver education reform by adopting integrated solutions that increase automation, support progress tracking, and enhance data quality in PK 20 education. As a result of the scope and uniqueness of these projects, it is imperative that states choose partners and solutions that can offer successful sustainability. Already deployed in more then 12 statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDS) projects, Edustructures offers the most advanced SIF-enabled solutions for state-level data management and integration—solutions that provide the foundation for successful longitudinal data systems and allow states to do more with less.

    Edustructures will demonstrate the flexibility and functionality of our standards-based solutions, illustrate our success and expertise in a variety of statewide projects, and work with you to define your state’s vision for successful and sustainable data interoperability.

eScholar LLC—Building the SLDS Foundation for the Future
Daysie Kratz, Shawn Bay, and Wolf Boehme, eScholar LLC

    The Data Quality Campaign (DQC) reports the vast majority of states have made significant progress in putting in place P–12 statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDS). The real question now is whether these first generation SLDS will be able to expand to meet the more challenging requirements presented by P–20 as well as those introduced by early childhood and the workforce. An SLDS solution to meet these needs requires the ability to manage and track unique IDs across time, agencies, and state(s), as well as the ability to expand into the workforce. The right solution can become the authoritative source of data to track and monitor individuals during their entire learning life-time. Stop by and learn how eScholar has already made the difference in helping state education agencies bridge these critical gaps with software solutions that deliver today and set the foundation for the future. (

Infinite Campus—Statewide Continuous Instructional Improvement
Joe Fox, Infinite Campus, Inc.

    Need a powerful way for your state to aggregate rich student data to comply with the Race to the Top (RTTT) requirements for “using data to improve instruction?” Meaningful support and actionable data for continuous instructional improvement is possible statewide with the Infinite Campus District Edition, an integrated student data management system. Use the Infinite Campus State Edition for district data aggregation and accountability while using the data at the state level to make data-driven decisions. When these two systems are used together, your state has the formula for RTTT success, with data export capabilities to populate your state’s longitudinal data system. Ready? We are.

Mizuni, Inc.—The Mizuni Solution for the State
Ignacio Ybarra and Laurie Collins, Mizuni, Inc.

    Mizuni provides enterprise data management software solutions and professional services to PK–20 school districts and state departments of education. The Mizuni Solution is comprised of three core components: Integrate, Centralize, and Deliver. Integrate: To eliminate redundant data entry and improve data quality, districts and states must integrate their disparate data information systems. Centralize: Consolidating critical data into a centralized solution facilitates longitudinal data storage and analysis. Deliver: To truly leverage an integrated data system, districts and states must deliver high-value, accurate data to teachers, parents, and administrators to inform instruction and impact student performance.

National Transcript Center—Enhancing the Capabilities of Longitudinal Data Systems With Bi-directional Data Flow
Jessica Williams, National Transcript Center (NTC)

    Linking PK–12 student data with other state agency data, such as postsecondary and workforce data, is a key component of any comprehensive longitudinal data system. Using National Transcript Center (NTC), many states have deployed a robust, secure, electronic student record/transcript solution—powered by a data translation engine that supports a variety of data formats—achieving statewide bi-directional data flow between the state education agency and other data sources. We will demonstrate the unique capabilities and advantages of the NTC solution, describe current statewide project successes, and consult with you to help define how an electronic student record/transcript solution will benefit your state’s longitudinal efforts.

Vangent, Inc.—Linking Elementary/Secondary Education and Post-secondary
Jill Hanson, Robin Jenkins, and Kerry Trahan, Vangent, Inc.

    Many statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDS) will soon be connecting elementary/secondary and post-secondary data systems to gain further insight on student outcomes and college readiness. Vangent understands this connection extremely well in that we have successfully linked student records data between K–12 and post-secondary education enabling powerful transcript evaluation services used to determine college eligibility and to aid in career planning. Responsible for the U.S. Department of Education’s Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA), Vangent has provided award-winning Web services that enable thousands of students to easily apply for aid to attend college. Please stop by to learn more.