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Demonstration Descriptions

American Institutes for Research—Doing What Works: Using Data to Support Instructional Decisionmaking

Marlene Darwin and Shannon Madsen, American Institutes for Research

    See demonstrations of the free resource from the U.S. Department of Education Initiative—Doing What Works (DWW) website, featuring multimedia presentations, audio and video interviews, tools, and planning templates. Learn how this website can help teachers, administrators, technology leaders, and state and district leaders understand and implement five research-based practices for using student achievement data to support instructional decisionmaking. You will see public and charter schools implementing these practices from Kentucky, Massachusetts, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Researchers who developed the content will demonstrate the site and show audiences how they can use this resource in their work.

Aspect Software—Microsoft-Based Education Solutions

John Luddy, Nick Brougham, and Daryl Decker; Aspect Software

    Aspect Software is a nationally managed Microsoft Gold Partner. Our Education National Practice team will demonstrate collaborative SLDS (statewide longitudinal data system) solutions that leverage Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, Performance Point, Dynamics CRM, Lync, and Office.

Certica Solutions—Certify: Certica Solutions’ K-12 Data Certification Software

Mark Rankovic, Certica Solutions

    Certify™ software allows local education agencies to validate and monitor student, school, and teacher data on a daily basis, at any time during the year; give districts a high level of confidence in their ability to report complete and accurate data to their state education agencies; be automatically notified when data violates state standards; provide a detailed inventory of data issues that need to be addressed in district administrative systems; and reduce the time that district and school personnel spend reviewing, reconciling, and correcting data issues.

Choice Solutions, Inc.—edFusion: Using Data Systems to Support Teaching and Learning

Jennifer Lally, Zachary Tussing, Brennain Delaney, and Scott Gallant; Choice Solutions, Inc.

    The key to a successful data system is providing tools and resources to support data-driven decisionmaking and teaching. Selecting an enterprise-caliber solution as a foundation for that environment is critical for long-term sustainability and return on investment. Choice Solutions continues to develop the industry’s most complete educational environment, edFusion. At edFusion’s core is our enterprise caliber identity and data management framework, which is being utilized in over ten state education agency clients, as well as with a local education agency and higher education. Our edFusion solution suite provides secure portals, enterprise reporting (including growth model and at-risk management), standards management, classroom tools, and digital libraries. Learn how edFusion can help your organization put the power of data and digital tools at your educators’ fingertips.

Claraview and Teradata—Maximizing Data Usage to Improve Student Performance

Glenn Facey and Patrick Quirk, Claraview

Chris Sullivan, Teradata Corporation

    As a platform-independent vendor, Claraview’s data usage focus ensures K-12 and P-20 data systems provide the information educators need to improve instruction. Stop by our booth to discuss why a longitudinal data system should be considered a strategic program and not just another IT project. Teradata Corporation (NYSE:TDC) is the world’s largest company solely focused on raising intelligence through data warehousing, data warehouse appliances, consulting services, and enterprise analytics at attractive, affordable pricing. Teradata is in more than 60 countries and on the Web at

CPSI, Ltd.—Create a Dynamic Standards-Based Longitudinal Data System (LDS)

Gay Sherman, Michelle Elia, and Aziz Elia; CPSI, Ltd.

    In longitudinal data collection and analysis, better data mean better reporting and making better decisions. Gathering and collecting data in near real time with extensive data validation gives you confidence in the consistency of your data, while standardization is the key to data governance. The CPSI xDStudio Enterprise solution provides a standardized data model for reporting, ETL (extraction, transformation, and load) functions, complete information access, operational and transactional data systems, longitudinal data systems, and complete ad-hoc reporting tools. Why wait for reporting time? Address and resolve data inconsistencies in real time.

Docufide, Inc.—Education’s Trusted Intermediary: Providing States the Most Comprehensive P20 Records Analysis and Exchange Services

John O’Connell, Docufide, Inc.

    Docufide is the nation’s leading provider of educational records management services. Its flagship offering, Secure Transcript, manages the ordering, processing, analysis, and secure delivery of student transcripts and supporting admissions documents for K-12 and postsecondary institutions nationwide. Docufide is uniquely capable of capturing transcripts out of any student system, mapping to available standards (PESC XML and TS 130 EDI), and delivering in recipient-defined formats. In addition, Docufide’s data capture, analysis, and normalization capabilities allow for several derivative services, including 9-12 diploma auditing, course normalization to national standards, merit-based scholarship/aid eligibility analysis, and performance-based analysis and outreach services.

Empirical Education Inc.—MeasureResults: Turning Data Into Evidence

Joseph Townsend and Robert Smith, Empirical Education Inc.

    This presentation demonstrates the capabilities of the web-based program evaluation tool MeasureResults. MeasureResults is an IES-funded solution for K-12 school districts that want to evaluate the effectiveness of educational technologies and programs aimed at improving student results. By moving the components of rigorous research onto the Web—including design, setup, data collection, analysis, and reporting—MeasureResults brings the power of research directly to the desks of school district personnel. Learn how districts can use MeasureResults to leverage their longitudinal data warehouses and conduct program evaluation in three simple steps. Examples include reports on NWEA Goal Setting and CompassLearning’s Odyssey Reading.

eScholar LLC—Delivering the SLDS Foundation for the Future

Shawn Bay, Wolf Boehme, and Daysie Kratz; eScholar LLC

    As the leading provider of educational Longitudinal Data System (LDS) solutions, eScholar provides the sustainability that these large enterprise foundational systems require. We do this by designing, enhancing, testing, documenting, and developing the technologies that are required to scale. eScholar products provide clean, integrated data that can be used to drive effective innovations from where educators are working to leverage data to improve education. We also have the experience to deliver capabilities targeted to early childhood through postsecondary education and beyond. Stop by our booth and learn how eScholar provides a comprehensive platform for data quality and data integration that is relied on statewide by 11 state education agencies, supporting 3,500 districts with more than 13 million early childhood through postsecondary students.

ESP Solutions Group—Extraordinary Insight Into Education Data Systems and Psychometrics

Glynn Ligon, Steve King, and Barbara Clements; ESP Solutions Group

    ESP is solely focused on improving the quality of education data. Our team of education experts pioneered the concept of "data-driven decision making" (D3M) and now helps optimize the management of data within education agencies. We have advised school districts, all 52 state-level education agencies, and the U.S. Department of Education on the practice of K-12 school data management. We are nationally recognized experts in implementing the data and technology requirements of state accountability systems, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), EDFacts, schools interoperability framework (SIF), and the National Education Data Model (NEDM). Our collective expertise is represented in our Optimal Reference Guides. To learn more, visit

Hupp Information Technologies—Oklahoma Educator Credentialing System

Dean Hupp and Michelle Hupp, Hupp Information Technologies

    The HIT-LS educator licensing system significantly reduced the time needed to process educator licenses in Oklahoma. The Professional Standards office enjoyed no required overtime for the first time this summer. Drop by and see how we can improve your state’s educator licensing.

IBM—Improving Teacher Quality: Education Certification Accelerator

Michael Schwitters, Daniel Morris, and Alex Peay; IBM

    Reforming and improving teacher certification presents unique challenges and opportunities for states. IBM enables you to meet these challenges with a holistic solution that includes comprehensive coverage of common state certification processes with integrated workflow that coordinates processing across multiple systems and state agencies. Delivered through a flexible and extensible solution, simplified change management capabilities provide the ability to adjust, change certification policy and processes as mandated by legislative bodies, and enable insight through real-time key performance indicators, historical reporting, and business dashboards. You will have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of our solution, ask questions, and provide feedback.

Infinite Campus—Statewide Data Systems and Federal Accountability Reporting

Joe Fox, Infinite Campus

    A statewide data system begins with collection at the source—in the classroom. A dependable collection system gathers current, accurate data from disparate district-level systems adapting to whatever changes may arise in the future. Infinite Campus is the statewide data system used by Kentucky, Maine, Montana, South Dakota, and the Bureau of Indian Education in very different ways to collect accountability data. Stop by this demonstration for an overview of the Infinite Campus State Edition and see the new Campus Federal Accountability Reporting. This new functionality includes data collection, aggregation, calculation, and reporting to meet federal accountability requirements.

MMCS Consulting, LLC—Collecting Detailed Career and Technical (C&T) Data and Measuring Its Impact on Student Success

Mark Mossavat, Wes Calender, and Bak Zoumanigui; MMCS Consulting, LLC

    Discover an effective method for collecting detailed career and technical (C&T) data and measuring its impact on student success. MMCS Consulting, LLC, will demonstrate its comprehensive CATE 2.0 Software with an overview of its analysis capabilities for measuring the impact of C&T education on student graduation, college admission, and employment. Additionally, there will be discussions and demonstrations of EDSCOMM, our interactive decision support software for all educational stakeholders; and PIECOMM, our state-of-the-art project management, communication, and issue-tracking software ensuring success in large IT projects. Please visit us at our booth or at our website.

Mizuni, Inc.—Providing State Solutions for PK-20 Data Needs

Laurie Collins and Ignacio Ybarra, Mizuni

    Mizuni offers an unparalleled PK-20 Enterprise Information Management Solution to meet the unique information needs of state education agencies. The Mizuni Solution for State Education Agencies delivers accurate and reliable longitudinal data. The Mizuni State Solution leverages common data standards, open industry standards, and proven commercial off-the-shelf products to effectively manage data collection, data analysis, and information delivery. In addition, the Mizuni State Solution can be rapidly deployed so state education agencies maximize their return on investment, improve data quality, reduce the data collection burdens on school districts, and deliver accurate, actionable data to both state and district education decisionmakers.

Pearson Data Solutions—Connecting Disparate Applications: Powering Longitudinal Data Systems With Standards-Based Interoperability

Ric Ferrentino, Gary Johnson, Barbara DelBove, and Mark Greer; Pearson Data Solutions

    Today more than ever, state education agencies want longitudinal data system technology that is proven, interoperable, and scalable for future expansion. Deployed in more than 12 SLDS projects, Pearson Data Solutions offers the most advanced SIF-enabled solutions and a robust, secure, electronic student record/transcript solution—providing the foundation for successful PK-20/W longitudinal data systems. We invite you to stop by our demonstration area and learn more about our flexible and successful standards-based solutions. We’ll partner with you and help you craft your state’s vision for the future of data interoperability.

Vangent, Inc.—Linking Data Systems Throughout the Educational Enterprise

Jill Hanson, Robin Jenkins, and Kerry Trahan; Vangent Inc.

    Today, statewide longitudinal data systems require links to postsecondary education as well as the workforce to be able to gain further insight on student outcomes and career readiness. Vangent understands these connections because we have successfully linked interagency data. Our solutions have eased the transition from high school to college and beyond. From guiding academic choices through transcript evaluation services to financing a student’s college education, Vangent has been there providing student-friendly support systems and services contributing to their success. Please stop by to learn how Vangent can provide you with the systems and services to successfully achieve your goals.