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Peggy G. Carr, Ph.D.
Commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics

Statement of National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Commissioner Peggy G. Carr on A Vision and Roadmap for Education Statistics, a National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) report

I thank the National Academies and this prestigious panel for their hard work, dedication, and intellectual generosity. This is a detailed, comprehensive, high-quality study, informed by evidence and thoughtful deliberation – virtues that are evident on every page.

It has been more than three decades since the National Academies’ landmark report, Creating a Center for Education Statistics: A Time for Action (1986), initiated NCES’s modernization and ushered in new levels of professionalism and productivity. This new report is an ambitious successor in substance and spirit that will guide NCES into the future.

The panel has outlined bold recommendations for NCES, with astute and incisive thinking on how we can increase mission impact and remain a leader and innovator in the education data ecosystem. It has done so while being mindful of the roles and responsibilities of the Department of Education leadership, Institute of Education Sciences (IES), and the requirements of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018. The panel also recognizes that NCES works under constraints and with limited human and fiscal resources.

I am particularly invigorated and inspired by the panel’s thinking about new ways that NCES can approach its work and fulfill its mission. These discerning new ideas include a focus on equity, innovation, and partnerships as strategic priorities for the Center. These ideas are integral to my own vision as Commissioner.

As the panel stated, “This is an opportunity that should not be lost.” I couldn’t agree more.

I look forward to working with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and the IES Director Mark Schneider to secure and improve NCES’ future as an independent, innovative, and trusted source of statistics. That future is brighter because of the panel’s work.