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Released Assessment Questions

Prior to TIMSS 2015, approximately half of the items used in the TIMSS assessment were released to the public by the IEA after each round of testing. These mathematics and science items can be used by educators in any number of ways:

  • To inform discussions about their schools' mathematics and science curriculum;
  • To explore the links between the concepts they teach and ways to measure students' understanding of these concepts;
  • To design an assessment according to their own needs; and
  • To reflect on the performance of their students in relation to the performance of students in other countries, including the United States.

To explore the assessment questions formatted for educators from TIMSS 2011 and from prior assessment years, click the links below.

For access to assessment questions from 2015 or later, please fill out and submit a permission request form to the IEA. Some example items can also be found in the IEA’s TIMSS Assessment Frameworks (2019 and 2015).

TIMSS Advanced 2008 Items

For the released items visit the TIMSS International website.

Visit the Help Section for assistance with PDF files.

In addition to these resources, your students can test their mathematics and science knowledge to see how their answers compare to 4th and 8th grade students from countries around the world. By clicking on the icon above, students are provided the opportunity to test their knowledge of mathematics and science topics at their own convenience. In addition to learning the answers to the mathematics and science questions, students can also learn other interesting tidbits about the topics covered by the items and the countries that have participated in prior TIMSS assessments.