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Table 30.  Percentage of public elementary schools reporting their efforts to reduce or prevent crime were limited by selected factors: 1999–2000

Factor that may limit school efforts to reduce or prevent crime Limit in a
major way
Limit in
a minor way
not limit
Lack of or inadequate teacher training in classroom management 6 42 53
Lack of or inadequate alternative placements/programs for disruptive students 28 41 32
Likelihood of complaints from parents 4 32 64
Lack of teacher support for school policies 1 16 83
Lack of parental support for school policies 6 35 60
Teachers' fear of student reprisal 1 18 81
Fear of litigation 6 33 61
Teacher contracts 4 26 70
Inadequate funds 24 36 40
Inconsistent application of school policies 2 29 68
Fear of district or state reprisal 2 17 81
Federal policies on disciplining disabled students 18 38 44
Other federal policies on discipline and safety 7 30 63
State or district policies on discipline and safety 5 29 66
NOTE: Detail may not sum to totals because of rounding. "At school/at your school" was defined for respondents as including activities happening in school buildings, on school grounds, on school buses, and at places that are holding school-sponsored events or activities. Respondents were instructed to, unless the survey specified otherwise, only respond for those times that were during normal school hours or when school activities/events were in session.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, School Survey on Crime and Safety (SSOCS), 2000.