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Survey Topics

Sections of the SSOCS questionnaire are composed of items about specific topics. Click on the section name to read more about these topics.

  1. School Practices and Programs

  2. Parent and Community Involvement at School

  3. School Security Staff

  4. School Mental Health Services

  5. Staff Training and Practices

  6. Limitations on Crime Prevention

  7. Incidents

  8. Disciplinary Problems and Actions

  9. School Characteristics
    • The ninth section of SSOCS, entitled "School Characteristics," asks respondents about the structural characteristics of the school campus and features of the student body. Variables include total enrollment, English proficiency, percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, percentage male enrollment, typical number of classroom changes, level of crime where the school is located and in the areas where students live, and the number of student transfers in and out of their particular school. Correlating these characteristics with incidence of crime and safety practices will assist in developing targeted efforts to address the specific needs of schools.