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Survey Topics

Sections of the SSOCS questionnaire are composed of items about specific topics. Click on the section name to read more about these topics.

  1. School Practices and Programs

  2. Parent and Community Involvement at School

  3. School Security Staff

  4. School Mental Health Services

  5. Staff Training and Practices

  6. Limitations on Crime Prevention
    • The sixth section of SSOCS, entitled "Limitations on Crime Prevention," asks respondents whether their efforts to reduce or prevent crime have been constrained by any factors related to teachers, parents, students, or administrative policies. Such limitations include inadequate teacher training or lack of teacher support for school policies, likelihood of complaints from parents, fear of student retaliation, and federal, state, or district policies on discipline and safety. The data from this section can be used to determine whether these limitations are indeed correlated with school crime.

  7. Incidents

  8. Disciplinary Problems and Actions

  9. School Characteristics