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Survey Topics

Sections of the SSOCS questionnaire are composed of items about specific topics. Click on the section name to read more about these topics.

  1. School Practices and Programs

  2. Parent and Community Involvement at School

  3. School Security Staff

  4. School Mental Health Services

  5. Staff Training and Practices
    • The fifth section of SSOCS, entitled "Staff Training," asks respondents about training provided by the school or school district for classroom teachers or aides. Topics addressed include classroom management, school-wide discipline policies and practices related to violence, safety procedures, and the identification of potentially violent students and those that are using illegal substances. This section also inquires about training for positive behavioral intervention strategies. A school’s use of such profiles may affect school-wide levels of discipline, yet also serve to achieve prevention through student-specific targeted interventions.

  6. Limitations on Crime Prevention

  7. Incidents

  8. Disciplinary Problems and Actions

  9. School Characteristics