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Survey Topics

Sections of the SSOCS questionnaire are composed of items about specific topics. Click on the section name to read more about these topics.

  1. School Practices and Programs

  2. Parent and Community Involvement at School

  3. School Security Staff
    • This third section of SSOCS, "School Security," asks respondents about the presence of security guards, security personnel, and sworn law enforcement officers at their school. These questions seek to collect data that will illustrate the coexistence of the presence of these personnel and reports of school crime. This section also asks the respondent questions about the presence of school security during various times throughout the school day and after school hours, the number of full- and part-time security employees, whether they were armed, as well as their participation in particular school activities such as training teachers and staff in school safety or crime prevention and mentoring students.

  4. School Mental Health Services

  5. Staff Training and Practices

  6. Limitations on Crime Prevention

  7. Incidents

  8. Disciplinary Problems and Actions

  9. School Characteristics