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Survey Topics

Sections of the SSOCS questionnaire are composed of items about specific topics. Click on the section name to read more about these topics.

  1. School Practices and Programs
    • The first section of SSOCS, entitled "School Practices and Programs," addresses current school practices and programs relating to crime and discipline. Numerous practices and programs are included in this section to inform procedures by which schools attempt to prevent and reduce crime, disorder, and violence, as well as procedures to ensure the most effective response to a myriad of potential crisis situations. Although the data are not intended to be used to evaluate the state of national school practices, the variables detailed in this section arguably present a foundation from which policymakers and researchers can begin to understand environments in which crime occurs and may be used as a catalyst for influencing safer schools

  2. Parent and Community Involvement at School

  3. School Security Staff

  4. School Mental Health Services

  5. Staff Training and Practices

  6. Limitations on Crime Prevention

  7. Incidents

  8. Disciplinary Problems and Actions

  9. School Characteristics