A group of photos showing a diverse group of children in varying grades in learning situations


The School Pulse Panel (SPP) is a new study collecting much-needed information on issues concerning the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education. The SPP will be one of the nation’s few sources of reliable data on a wealth of information focused on school reopening efforts as reported by school district staff and principals in U.S. public schools.

The survey will ask about topics such as instructional mode offered; enrollment counts of subgroups of students using various instructional modes; learning loss mitigation strategies; safe and healthy school mitigation strategies; special education services; use of technology; and information on staffing.

A sample of approximately 2,400 public elementary, middle, high, and combined-grade schools will be selected to participate in a panel where school and district staff will be asked to provide requested data monthly during the 2021–22 school year. Some questions may remain on the survey from month to month to detect how schools are experiencing and adapting to change. Other questions may rotate in and out.

Data collection and reporting dates are listed in the table below. Results based on the summer and fall data collections are considered experimental and therefore should be interpreted with caution.

2021–22 School Pulse Panel Timeline
Data collections Data collection window Reporting target
Summer and September data collections July–September 2021 December 2021
Monthly survey January 2022–December 20221 February 2022–January 2023

Visit the Dashboards on Learning Modes and School Responses to COVID-19 website to view results from the School Pulse Panel.

1NCES made the decision to suspend data collection for the months of October, November, and December 2021. The delay will provide the Institute of Education Sciences sufficient time to redesign the study to reduce burden on schools. Monthly data collections will resume in January 2022.