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Race and Ethnicity Profile

Race and Ethnicity 2000 Data (P.L.94-171) - Profile Data
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Demographic 2000 Data (STP2) Agency Finance Survey FY 2000 Data (F-33) P.L.94-171 (Race & Ethnicity)
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 Subject Number Percent
 Population by race/ethnicity go to help
 Total 68,381 N/A
 Hispanic or Latino 7,083 10.4
 Not Hispanic or Latino 61,298 89.6
   Population of one race 58,858 86.1
       White alone 16,677 24.4
       Black or African American alone 39,889 58.3
       American Indian or Alaska Native alone 160 0.2
       Asian alone 1,433 2.1
       Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander alone 36 0.1
       Some other race alone 663 1.0
 Population of two and more races 2,440 3.6
 Population under 18 by race/ethnicity go to help
 Total Population Under 18 17,318 25.3*
 Hispanic or Latino 2,240 12.9
 Non Hispanic or Latino 15,078 87.1
   Population of one race 14,456 83.5
       White alone 2,362 13.6
       Black or African American alone 11,556 66.7
       American Indian or Alaska Native alone 42 0.2
       Asian alone 310 1.8
       Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander alone 4 0.0
       Some other race alone 182 1.1
 Population of two and more races 622 3.6
 *This is calculated as a percentage of the total population
    National Center for Education Statistics, US Department of Education
    Bureau of the Census, US Department of Commerce