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Table 4.  Percentage of public school teacher stayers, movers, and leavers who strongly or somewhat agreed with statements about their 2003–04 base year school and 2004–05 current school
  Base year School (2003–04)   Current School (2004–05)
Statement Stayers Movers Leavers   Stayers Movers Leavers
I am generally satisfied with being a teacher at
  this school 
92.7 82.8 87.2   90.1 88.3
I am satisfied with my teaching salary  44.7 45.6 46.0   46.0 48.9
I am satisfied with my class size  69.6 66.0 66.9   68.6 71.9
State or district content standards have had a posi-
  tive influence on my satisfaction with teaching 
43.6 47.4 42.9   42.5 51.9
The principal or school head lets staff members know
  what is expected of them 
93.0 90.4 92.7   91.7 92.4
The school administration's behavior toward the staff
  is supportive and encouraging 
85.0 82.5 84.4   82.4 87.6
My principal or school head enforces school rules for
  student conduct and backs me up when I need it 
87.7 83.6 86.6   82.9 86.1
The principal or school head knows what kind of
  school he/she wants and has communicated it to
  the staff 
87.9 84.0 87.6   84.5 87.9
The level of student misbehavior in this school
  (such as noise, horseplay   or fighting in the halls,
  cafeteria or student lounge) interferes with
  my teaching 
34.8 45.5 40.5   41.8 40.0
Rules for student behavior are consistently enforced
  by teachers in this school, even for students who are
  not in their classes 
70.0 70.5 67.8   70.9 76.0
The amount of student tardiness and class cutting
  in this school interferes with my teaching 
30.6 38.1 34.0   35.6 35.1
Routine duties and paperwork interfere with my job
  of teaching 
73.0 66.0 71.0   73.4 62.0
I receive a great deal of support from parents for
  the work I do 
62.3 52.5 53.3   60.2 61.9
I am given the support I need to teach students
  with special needs 
63.7 59.5 62.7   67.5 71.8
Necessary materials such as textbooks, supplies, and
  copy machines are available as needed by the staff 
78.8 74.0 78.0   80.2 79.8
There is a great deal of cooperative effort among
  the staff members 
84.5 77.1 83.3   84.8 83.5
Most of my colleagues share my beliefs and values about
  what the central mission of the school should be
88.4 84.8 87.2   91.3 88.1
I make a conscious effort to coordinate the content of
  my courses with that of other teachers
85.7 83.2 86.6   86.7 87.1
In this school, staff members are recognized for a job
  well done 
74.5 71.0 75.7   71.2 80.7
I worry about the security of my job because of the
  performance of my students on state and/or local tests 
31.1 36.2 29.6   37.9 40.4
I sometimes feel it is a waste of time to try to do my best
  as a teacher 
16.6 19.7 22.9   21.6 16.6
† Not applicable.
NOTE: Stayers are teachers who were teaching in the same school in the current school year as in the base year (2003–04). Movers are teachers who were still teaching in the current school year but had moved to a different school after the base year. Leavers are teachers who left the teaching profession after the base year. Respondents were asked about the extent of their agreement with various statements about their base year school and current school. Response choices were based on a 4-point scale, and included the following: "Strongly agree," "Somewhat agree," "Somewhat disagree," and "Strongly disagree."
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), "Public School Teacher Data File," 2003–04; Teacher Follow-up Survey (TFS), "Current and Former Teacher Data Files," 2004–05.