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Average hours per week that public school principals spent on all school-related activities and average percentage of time per school year spent on various school-related tasks, by selected school characteristics: 2011–12

    Average hours per week on all school-related activities1   Average percentage of time spent per school year
school characteristic
    Internal administrative tasks   Curriculum and teaching-related tasks   Student interactions Parent interactions  
All public schools
School classification  
Traditional public
Charter school
Community type  
City  59.529.828.522.312.9
Suburban  58.031.425.822.012.9
Town  58.230.626.224.112.7
Rural  56.932.025.124.412.1
School level  
Primary  57.730.727.622.512.7
Middle  58.329.426.124.313.3
High  59.832.924.123.612.1
Combined  55.732.323.624.312.0
Student enrollment  
Less than 100  50.433.824.323.110.8
100–199  55.131.924.525.011.4
200–499  58.229.626.324.712.8
500–749  58.730.527.522.312.9
750–999  59.832.927.220.413.3
1,000 or more  61.834.125.520.212.8
Percent of K–12 students who were approved for free or reduced–price lunches  
0–34  58.132.625.222.612.8
35–49  58.931.425.824.213.1
50–74  57.630.126.723.812.5
75 or more  58.929.327.722.812.6
School did not participate in free or reduced-price lunch program  50.836.225.719.910.0
1 Includes hours spent during the school day, before and after school, and on the weekends.
NOTE: Detail may not sum to 100 because of time spent on "other" tasks.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), "Public School Principal Data File," 2011–12.