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Table 5. Number and percentage of private school teachers who are regular full-time teachers and average number of hours per week that regular full-time teachers spent on selected activities during a typical full week, by affiliation: 2011–12

          Average hours per week  
Affiliation Number of regular full-time teachers1   Percent of teachers who are regular full-time teachers1   Required to work to receive base pay during a typical full week   Paid to deliver instruction to a class of students2   Total hours spent on all teaching and other school-related activities during a typical full week3  
All private schools 368,400   79.2   38.3   30.9   52.1  
Catholic, Parochial 42,500   81.4   37.8   31.7   53.4  
Catholic, Diocesan 51,400   83.2   37.5   30.9   52.0  
Catholic, Private 24,100   82.9   38.6   30.3   53.2  
Lutheran 10,400   76.1   39.3   32.6   54.5  
Seventh-Day Adventist 3,500   80.2   38.6   32.4   53.0  
All Other Religious          
Non-sectarian, Regular          
Non-sectarian, Special Emphasis          
Non-sectarian, Special Education 18,400   88.6   37.9   31.1   50.2  
‡ Reporting standards not met. The response rate is below 50 percent.
1 A regular full-time teacher is any teacher whose primary position in a school is not an itinerant teacher, a long-term substitute, a short-term substitute, a student teacher, a teacher aide, an administrator, a library media specialist or librarian, another type of professional staff (e.g., counselor, curriculum coordinator, social worker) or support staff (e.g., secretary), or part-time teacher.
2 Hours paid to deliver instruction to a class of students in this school is a portion of hours per week required to work for regular base pay.
3 Includes hours spent during the school day, before and after school, and on weekends.
NOTE: Detail may not sum totals because of rounding and because some data are not shown.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), "Private School Teacher Data File," 2011–12.