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Data on Population

This section provides data on school-age children in poverty and education attainment by locale

  • Table A.1.a.-6. Percentage of 5- to 17 olds in families living in poverty, by district 4-category locale and state: 2015
  • Table A.1.a.-7 Children of prekindergarten through second-grade age living in rural areas, by enrollment status, selected maternal characteristics, and household income: 2005
  • Table A.1.a.-8 Percentage distribution of children in rural areas at about 4 years of age, by type of child care arrangement and selected child and family characteristics: 2005-06
  • Table B.3.c.-1 Percentage distribution of adults age 25 and over, by highest level of educational attainment, age group, and 4-category locale: 2015