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Table 8. Public elementary and secondary students, schools, pupil/teacher ratios, and finances, by type of locale: 2002-03 and 2003-04

CharacteristicTotal1Large city2Midsize city3Urban fringe of a large city4Urban fringe of a midsize city5Large town6Small town7Rural outside CBSA or CSA8Rural within CBSA or CSA9
Enrollment, schools, and teachers, fall 2003
Enrollment, in thousands 48,3547,6167,33013,8075,8714883,5094,3665,363
    Percent distribution of enrollment, by race/ethnicity100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
White, non-Hispanic 58.422.748.
Black, non-Hispanic 17.132.422.914.610.414.613.510.29.7
Hispanic 18.836.622.619.613.
Asian/Pacific Islander
American Indian/Alaska Native
Schools 95,72612,03712,95021,26210,7631,0478,75416,96411,939
Average school size10 521644588666560486426265464
Pupil/teacher ratio11 16.417.516.517.117.015.915.514.315.3
Enrollment (percent distribution) 100.015.815.228.612.
Schools (percent distribution) 100.012.613.522.
Revenues, 2002-03
     Total revenue (in millions of dollars) $448,737$73,692$67,387$144,239$56,005$4,080$31,101$36,129$30,962
Federal 36,9118,4326,2198,0033,8214053,2013,6962,021
     Title I 8,7162,5351,6011,610897101721793400
     Child Nutrition Act 7,4501,7451,3101,63681185662751440
     Children with disabilities (IDEA) 6,6591,1661,0101,87578760426387378
     Impact aid 1,0967998207149616931455
     Bilingual education 145473232131693
     Indian education 808797218246
     Math, science, and professional
     development 8892341601731068768144
     Safe and drug-free schools 287555966315242316
     Title V, Part A 50813188111469484725
     Vocational and technical education 57511197110627524328
     Other and unclassified 10,5062,3201,7562,1749131209981,223627
State (in millions of dollars) 213,81235,41233,81061,76526,6552,11916,60720,11415,839
     Special education programs 13,7062,7292,0224,4451,88789725758861
     Compensatory and basic skills 4,6051,2209301,56034316157198156
     Bilingual education 58318413981021886
     Gifted and talented 52440572281391142122
     Vocational education 9146286230210111009072
     Other 193,48131,34330,67454,90423,9742,00115,60319,03914,721
Local (in millions of dollars) 198,01329,84827,35774,47025,5281,55711,29212,31913,101
     Property tax12121,71416,23916,89450,07614,6359817,2707,4637,676
     Parent government contribution12 32,5138,7803,92910,1495,3812017721,3061,956
     Private (fees from individuals) 11,1348911,4623,8871,5781228631,062936
     Other 32,6523,9395,07110,3593,9352532,3872,4872,534
     Total revenue (percentage distribution) 100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
State 47.648.150.242.847.651.953.455.751.2
Local 44.140.540.651.645.638.236.334.142.3
Expenditures, 2002-03
     Total expenditures (in millions of dollars) $463,207$78,386$68,196$149,404$57,232$4,155$31,806$37,005$31,873
Current expenditures for schools 384,24965,14157,564121,78547,5223,55327,12831,17025,997
     Instruction 237,05940,84535,49275,29829,4742,19516,78319,13415,924
     Support services, students 19,7352,8573,1256,7172,4421921,3301,2461,245
     Support services, instructional staff 18,3983,4582,9545,5932,1831641,1631,2031,067
     Administration 29,4214,5444,1739,1903,6282722,2392,8452,175
     Operation and maintenance 36,5596,2945,52511,8144,5213492,5492,8962,417
     Transportation 16,0002,4021,9395,2642,0481201,0941,5881,379
     Food service 14,5932,4202,2504,0151,9071541,2461,4821,090
     Other 12,4852,3192,1083,8951,319107725777700
Other current expenditures 17,2103,2112,5735,4861,7461049711,2591,359
Interest on school debt 11,2181,7131,4604,1971,51883647689881
Capital outlay 50,5298,3216,59817,9356,4454153,0603,8873,636
    Current expenditures (percentage distribution)100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
Instruction 61.762.761.761.862.061.861.961.461.3
Support services 9.99.710.610.19.710.
Operation and maintenance
Food service and other
Current expenditure per student (in dollars) $8,030$8,661$7,912$8,198$7,421$7,121$7,338$7,582$7,507
Instruction expenditure per student (in dollars) 4,9545,4314,8785,0684,6024,3994,5404,6544,598
1Includes data for districts without locale information, which are not separately shown.
2Central city of a core based statistical area (CBSA) or consolidated statistical area (CSA) with the city having a population greater than or equal to 250,000.
3Central city of a CBSA or a CSA with the city having a population of less than 250,000.
4Any incorporated place, Census designated place, or non-place territory within a CBSA or a CSA of a large city and defined as urban by the Census Bureau.
5Any incorporated place, Census designated place, or non-place territory within a CBSA or a CSA of a mid-size city and defined as urban by the Census Bureau.
6Place not within a CBSA or CSA but with population of 25,000 or more.
7Place not within a CBSA or CSA with a population of at least 2,500, but less than 25,000.
8Place with a population of less than 2,500 outside a CBSA or a CSA, and designated as rural by the Census Bureau.
9Place with a population of less than 2,500 within a CBSA or a CSA and designated as rural by the Census Bureau.
10Average for schools reporting enrollment.
11Ratio for schools reporting both full-time-equivalent teachers and fall enrollment data.
12Property tax and parent government contributions are determined on the basis of independence or dependence of the local school system and are mutually exclusive.
NOTE: Locale codes for missing school districts were imputed from prior year. Detail may not sum to totals because of rounding, and missing locale codes for some schools.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, The NCES Common Core of Data (CCD), "Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Survey", 2003-04 and "Local Education Agency Universe Survey," 2003-03 and 2003-04; and U.S. Department of Commerce, Census Bureau, 2003 Census of Governments, Survey of Local Government Finances, unpublished data.

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