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Financial Literacy: Average Scores


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Table FL2. Average scores of 15-year-old students on PISA financial literacy scale, by education system: 2012
Education system Average score s.e.
OECD average (FL) 500   1.0
Shanghai-China 603 3.2
Belgium-Flemish Community 541 3.5
Estonia 529 3.0
Australia 526 2.1
New Zealand 520 3.7
Czech Republic 513 3.2
Poland 510 3.7
Latvia 501   3.3
United States 492   4.9
Russian Federation 486   3.7
France 486   3.4
Slovenia 485   3.3
Spain 484   3.2
Croatia 480   3.8
Israel 476   6.1
Slovak Republic 470 4.9
Italy 466 2.1
Colombia 379 4.7
Average score is higher than U.S. average score.
Average score is lower than U.S. average score.
NOTE: Education systems are ordered by 2012 average score. Scores are reported on a scale from 0 to 1,000. All average scores reported as higher or lower than the U.S. average score are different at the .05 level of statistical significance. The OECD average (FL) is the average of the national percentages of the 13 OECD member countries that participated in the financial literacy (FL) assessment, with each country weighted equally. The following OECD countries participated in the financial literacy assessment: Australia, Belgium-Flemish Community, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain and the United States. Standard error is noted by s.e. Italics indicate non-OECD countries and education systems.
SOURCE: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), 2012.