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Sample Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) Items


Below are sample PISA computer-based assessment items. These items have not been administered in a PISA assessment, but are illustrative examples of computer-based assessment questions included in PISA 2012. Click on the name of the unit and another window will open with the sample items from that unit. If the interactive display of the question is not loading properly, please try to open the question in another browser (e.g., paste the link into Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer).

Reading Literacy
I Want To Help
Philosophers' Café
Ice Cream
Job Search
Let's Speak
Mathematics Literacy
Car Cost Calculator
Photo Printing
Problem Solving
Birthday Party
MP3 Player

Scoring Guides:

Below are the answer keys and scoring guides to the above sample items.

Reading Literacy
PDF File MS Word I Want To Help
PDF File MS Word Smell
PDF File MS Word Philosophers’ Café
PDF File MS Word Ice Cream
PDF File MS Word Phishing
PDF File MS Word Job Search
PDF File MS Word Let's Speak
Mathematics Literacy
PDF File MS Word Graphs
PDF File MS Word Fences
PDF File MS Word Car Cost Calculator
PDF File MS Word Photo Printing
Problem Solving
PDF File MS Word Birthday Party
PDF File MS Word MP3 Player