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Released Assessment Questions

After each round of assessment, PIRLS releases to the public actual reading passages from the last assessment, the test questions (or “items”) associated with those passages, and the scoring guides for those test questions. These released items from PIRLS can be used by educators in any number of ways:

  • To inform discussions about your schools' reading curriculum;
  • To explore the links between concepts you teach and ways to measure students' understanding;
  • To design your own assessment according to your needs; and
  • To reflect on the performance of your students in comparison to the performance of students in other countries, including the United States.

After the 2011 PIRLS assessment, 4 reading passages and 44 test questions with their answers (provided in the scoring guides) were released. Two of the reading passages were used to assess students’ reading for literary experience, and two were used to assess students' reading to acquired and use information.

Grade 4 - Reading (files contain items and scoring guides)

Complete PIRLS reading items PDF File (5.04 MB)

Released items from earlier rounds of PIRLS

Sample passages, questions and scoring guides from 2006 PDF File (20.7 MB) and 2001 PDF File (1.8 MB) are available

Each passage and the test questions associated with it are presented separately from the scoring guide, making them ready for photocopying.

Note: For help viewing, downloading and printing PDF files, visit Help Section.