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What is Unique About PIAAC?

PIAAC is unique from previous international and adult assessments in the following ways:

  1. It is the first large-scale assessment administered on laptop computers to respondents in their homes. Those who cannot take the assessment on a computer are administered a paper-and-pencil version of the assessment. For details about how PIAAC was administered, click here.
  2. It is an adaptive assessment: participants taking the computer-based assessment will respond to a series of items targeted to their performance levels. For details about PIAAC's adaptive design, click here.
  3. It measures participants' problem solving skills on a computer and in an online environment. All of the problem solving items are presented in common, everyday technology-rich environments (e.g., email, web pages, and spreadsheets). For details about PIAAC’s problem solving domain, click here.
  4. It includes extensive background questions about education, training, employment, and job requirements. For details on PIAAC’s background questionnaire and to see the questions asked, click here.
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