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Other Design Features

The PIAAC survey is designed to provide valid, reliable, and accurate information regarding:

  1. Component skills among lower-performing adults, as well as among those who report not knowing how to use a computer;
  2. Levels of literacy and numeracy across the entire population, which can be linked to International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS)/Adult Literacy and Lifeskills Survey (ALL);
  3. An accurate baseline measure of problem solving in technology-rich environments, for estimation of trends over time;
  4. Strategies and processes that adults use when responding to the tasks on problem solving in technology-rich environments;
  5. Relationships between literacy/ numeracy, component skills, and problem-solving; as well as relationships between the measured competencies, PIAAC affective measures, and social/economic measures (from the responses to the background questions and job requirements approach module).