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Average base salary and earnings from all sources among regular full-time public and private school teachers, by main teaching assignment and school type: 2017–18

  Public school teachers   Private school teachers
Main teaching assignment Average base
teaching salary of
regular full-time
  Average school year
earnings from all
  Average base
teaching salary of
regular full-time
  Average school year
earnings from all
 All teachers $57,900   $60,500   $45,300   $47,700  
Teacher main assignment                
Early childhood or general elementary 56,800   58,200   39,300   40,200  
Special education 58,200   60,300   47,400   48,900  
Arts or music 56,400   60,500   50,700   55,600  
English and language arts 58,100   60,300   47,300   49,000  
ESL or bilingual education 62,800   64,600   40,500   41,300  
Foreign languages 60,600   63,200   51,500   54,800  
Health education 58,800   64,100   46,500   51,800  
Mathematics 58,800   62,200   49,000   51,800  
Natural sciences 59,400   62,400   49,100   52,700  
Social sciences 58,700   62,300   51,200   54,200  
Career or technical education 57,400   62,100   49,000   51,600  
All other 59,400   63,800   45,800   49,300  
1 Average earnings from all sources is defined as the weighted mean of the amount that regular full-time teachers earned from all sources during the school year. It does not include summer income or income from a retirement pension.
NOTE: For average base salary, teachers who reported zero are excluded from the table. Summer earnings are not included. A regular full-time teacher is any teacher whose primary position in a school is not an itinerant teacher, a long-term substitute, a short-term substitute, a student teacher, a teacher aide, an administrator, a library media or librarian, another type of professional staff (e.g., counselor, curriculum coordinator, social worker) or support staff (e.g., secretary), or a part-time teacher.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, National Teacher and Principal Survey (NTPS), "Public School Teacher and Private School Teacher Data Files," 2017–18.